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    V7lll Rough; 1200 Sport (last of 2-valves); Griso 8V (first of); V11 Scura 2002 #497; LeMans Mklll [lovely Aprilia Dorsduro 750 burned to a crisp]

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  1. G'day. Riding a V7lll Rough and 1200 Sport. V11 still broken, hence no activity here, sadly. I'll retire one of these years and perhaps then get to the V.11 and other broken things.
  2. Of course you were mistaken: @gstallons am I right? Scud? But I guess this was yet another opportunity to talk about RUSH . Who?
  3. LOL, pics I have. That's the easy part. In fact there are some on that website. You may spot some ol' chums there. https://belfastguzzi.com/guzzi-gallery/ https://belfastguzzi.com/you-your-bikes/
  4. Old times' sake and all that: might anyone be interested in popping over for an Ulster Rally 3, this year? Campsite, nice location in Sperrin Mountains, B&Bs available nearby if that's your preference. Info on website here. Previous: UKV11 and Ulster 1 & 2
  5. A practical philosophy FORCED ON ME by the hard school of Piaggio Guzzi. Besides, there are only 24 hours in a day and 365 days in any year (more often than not): how is a fellow supposed to cope with such intolerable constraints? On that matter, I think we should consult The French.
  6. You're awake? Excellent. Now don't be troubling the young people hereabouts.
  7. Thanks footgoose. How did you add the video link so the video appears rather than the url? Don't know why I can't work it out!
  8. Thanks Doc. This topic prodded me to go searching for this video that I found a long time ago and posted into MySpace, yes, MySpace. I can't get into MS anymore so couldn't access the vid, but here we go, eventually found it on YouTube. Maybe I posted it here years ago too. Let's see if this works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW_JjCSZAxQ Hmm, well it doesn't work, video not showing. Over to you Docc...
  9. I gotta Moto Guzzi Gree sew With diamond coated flatties Got a sump full of mystery And I ain’t got cams No, I ain’t got cams ~ Yardbikes with Epic Clappedout
  10. You don't know how this site works yet, Docc? Look left, that's <– that direction. Under belfastguzzi there's a little picture avatar thingy, under that there's a list of my bike(s) – and ! I specially updated it it when I called in yesterday ! Sadly only two of five are running on the road: LeMans Mklll - classic of course; wrist breaker V11 Scura - sort of parts-bin and sorta classy and in ways better than the Griso, which is next > Griso 8V (first of 8 valves - grrrr I hate Piaggio Guzzi) 1200 Sport - last of 2-valves, by no means perfect but one of the best modern (suppose I now need to add 'air-cooled') Guzzis? I wanted the last iteration of venerable (& trustworthy) 2V big block motor. I wish Guzzi had called it a GT rather than a Sport. V7lll 750 Rough - absolutely no comparison to Aprilia 750 but I do enjoy it and went for it 'cos Rough model has wire wheels and looks good (tho of course - punctures, the price to pay). It's good combo along with the 1200 Sport. I prob wouldn't have it if it was my only bike, though... the older I get....
  11. LOL, I was a little surprised seeing it: just slightly on the garish (and tempted to say youthful) side of the balance for Jaap – though you, quite rightly, weren't averse to an Italian striped helmet.
  12. I'm sure you've added stripes and red bits since I last saw pics of that. Yum.
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