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  1. Discs are a consumable in my eyes. Whilst I don't use the brakes much on the road, on track I find the stability in braking is one of the V11's strong points and Renthal pads work a treat. I am often still hard on the gas when others are showing brake lights. Great for levelling other bikes and pinning them straight until I am ready to turn.
  2. Cabernet

    V11 sentiment

    I often get comments after the first stint like, "Is your brake light and brake light switches working?" Followed by "How do you ride that brisk without braking?" The best one was "I am not going to ticket you today, as your brake light tells me you're riding well within yourself, but slow down. Have a safe day."
  3. Cabernet

    Purely cosmetic

    I have a red mount for the clocks, red levers, red cylinder head protectors and red Hel front brake and clutch lines.
  4. I get 200 to a tank. Your fuel light gives you a range of near 60 miles I find. So that ties in with your figures. I have had mine down to 28 mp/ukg on a proper hoon!
  5. I have a side stand that was sold as in good condition. When it turned up, it had a hero chamfer like my original, so never fitted it. Now a decade hence, not likely to now. PM what it is worth to you and your send to address.
  6. 35000 miles and owned for 19 years. Nope.
  7. Stop a loose one rattling?
  8. Only you need 54mm dia which are like rocking horse manure.
  9. Yes, got that front to back.
  10. Under the top yoke there are lugs for drilling to accept bar mounts. I drilled mine 10mm dia and fitted Renthal CL003 mounts with 828-50 bars. Needed new throttle and choke cables along with brake and clutch hoses. Electrics stretched.
  11. You'll be surprised how much that'll slow the steering.
  12. Thanks Docc, A fellow Guzzisti and I arrived at the same conclusion last night. Appreciate the confirmation though.
  13. Hi Learned Brethren, Just been for a shake down ride of 80 miles and I have some cast off on the rear wheel. The wheel flange & flex coupling disc ( key 13 & 11 Moto Guzzi V 11 V 11 LE MANS/SPORT NAKED 1100 (CHASSIS NUMBER PREFIX: ZGUKS) 1999-2005 Rear wheel supplied next day (UK only) by Fowlers Parts ) are soiled with heavy grease in a tangential form, I believe from copper slip I apply to the drive splines. The cast of on the rim takes a lighter form. The bevel box flange and inner housing ( Key 23 key 2 Moto Guzzi V 11 V 11 LE MANS/SPORT NAKED 1100 (CHASSIS NUMBER PREFIX: ZGUKS) 1999-2005 Transmission complete I supplied next day (UK only) by Fowlers Parts ) are dry. Oil does appear to be leaking from the needle roller (key 30) housing down the out board side of the housing. The needle rollers are in fine fettle, as is the inner bearing. I did replace the needle rollers at some point during the pandemic when I replace the reaction arm bushes. I am guessing I over greased the rollers and good thrapping has, after a long winter, let a bit ooze out. I cannot think that there is a leak path for the actual bevel box oil to get to the wheel spindle housing and out is there? The female spline in the slave bevel gear 11/13 (key 29) is dry on the outside.
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