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  1. Late to the party. Are these metal-core gaskets re-usable? I was under the impression that metal core gaskets are not…
  2. Ago can still steal your girl! Ha!
  3. Hmmm… more for me to chew on. I’ll probably have to just pick my favorite and go with that. thanks for that lagrasta
  4. Guilty… there was room in the budget for an inspection hole cover on this build.
  5. Interesting. I have a pile of digital photos comparing cars and bikes whose colors are close to the v7 (legnano ?) green. Some pictures show the v11 as being as close to the v7 as anything. Oi! maybe she ends up black! re-pop exhausts available are the pictured lafranconi’s and the original shark gills. IMO shark gills look better, lafranconi’s sound/perform better.
  6. czakky

    Greenie bits

    Alright, alright. Shoot. I thought I had a good plan there. It’s been a while since I saw a v11 greenie.
  7. I didn’t do much to document this “resto” but the synopsis on this old girl are as follows: Late last fall I was alerted to a CL ad about a V7 Sport project 4 hrs away from me. I had no intention of buying such a thing and never really imagined I would. I had four bikes and not much space but called the guy anyway. I got the lowdown on what he had and decided it was worth a look. It had what looked like good bones, tons of spares, numbers matching, en extra 850 hot rod engine (cam, high comp, dual spark) and we settled on a price. It was missing the 4ls front drum and exhaust a few other odds and ends. The PO had a solid lead on a 4ls and re-pop exhausts are available. As I dug into it reality hit. I was prepared to rebuild the engine but it really needed everything, I mean everything. In my parts search I was able to find that this bike had some type of racing provenance m, apparently winning some inaugural class in the 70’s. I can tell you they didn’t win by NOT crashing! Long story short, I’ve been through the old girl completely, all seals, all hardware replaced. I bought it in November, got the frame from PC and then major engine components in January, took my first ride in May! In its current guise I’m running S3/850t foot controls (LH shift, slightly more forward) while I search for correct brackets. Lightened flywheel, somewhat hotter cam, sump spacer w/external oil filter. Otherwise mostly stock including points. The stock starter is ditched in favor of the Bosch gargantuan. Ive got about 1500 miles on it now and still have quite a bit more to go as funds and availability allow. It has a horrible paint job and a pretty scruffy headlight, along with the foot controls at that point I’ll call it good. Riding the short stroke v7 is a lot of fun. Power is similar to 850t/T3 just moved up in the rev range 500rpm. The sports are geared super high! Even lazy shifting has me clicking into 2nd at indicated 50mph (80kmh)! stripping it for PC delivery day current
  8. czakky

    Greenie bits

    @Docc, I’ll throw up a synopsis for those interested. Good to see your still carrying the v11 torch. I’ll have to do some catching up on your V11 as well. @Phil, I’d be more confident with a sample, however I was aware of that post/recipe. Thanks @Chuck, I think it’s going to be close enough. This is far from concours and the odds of me being able to borrow another v7 sport for a paint sample are quite slim…. Totally open to ideas though. This is all pretty new to me!
  9. czakky

    Greenie bits

    Hey all, longtime! In the finishing stages of a v7 sport resto. I’m trying to re-create the original Legnano Verde (?) color. I thought the most obtainable piece maybe a V11 sport greenie side cover. They’re plastic and fragile. Therefore I’d imagine someone may have a broken one laying around? Again I’m just looking for a color representation. PM me if you have something. thanks Bill
  10. czakky

    900ss vs V11

    The Terblanche SSs make cool street fighter projects IMO. I need to be more upright to be comfortable with that tank to seat ratio. The Tamburini SSs though, look perfect to my eyes. I think it’s like a poor boys 851. I’ve just never ridden one. Somebody mentioned Il Monstro, the early 94-00 900s with the good heads definitely get a look too. @Lowryter, you SS is poetry in motion but I’d have to sell my three bikes to have one and I just like having a vintage bike around!
  11. czakky

    900ss vs V11

    Ha! That’s awesome. interesting as I always lumped them together. Im pretty sure I need to test one....
  12. czakky

    900ss vs V11

    Awesome. Thanks guys. Similarities, few or far between?
  13. czakky

    900ss vs V11

    Fellow spine frame raiders (?). If I go long enough without riding my old V11 I contemplate other bikes to replace it. The KTM Duke series seems fun but eventually you do have to look at them. A Triumph Speed or Street Triple get a look, but I’m not sure I’m a multi cylinder guy. There’s VFRs and Hawk GTs but I’ve owned a VFR and I just never felt lust for it. There is one bike that I just can’t shake and is fairly obtainable today. The super sexy carby Ducati 900ss. My question to anybody that has or does own a 900ss, how do they compare objectively and subjectively to our Sports? Im only a bit curious I still love my old v11. thanks for any help
  14. Ha! I had some hair then! I still lurk around every once in a while. How the heck are you Docc?
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