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  1. I took mine (front and rear) to my local Ducati shop. Their chief tech was Ohlins schooled, as you might imagine with so many Duc models running the kit. My rear was 225 iirc. For suspension assurances, it was worth it to me to let a pro do it.
  2. it's a great event and perfect venue. See you there!
  3. Got my room last week. 202. I think that fills bldg 2
  4. Indiana goes by the frame for vin. I know Wisconsin used to use engine numbers for awhile at least. I had to get an affidavit for an outa state purchase. When the bike was titled here they went with the frame #
  5. Ok, I have been on the receiving end of criticism on this forum, many years ago, for the price I was asking for a V11 on CL. I haven't seen that member post for a very long time, but I've since tried to avoid "scrutinizing" someone else's sale. Even on ebay, cl, etc as they might be a current or future forum member. So I tend to keep my mouth shut even when obvious misrepresentations occur. But, when another currently active member shows interest in an "unknown" advertised bike, I think it behooves us to point out "curiosities" in a tactful way. Tact is not a strong point of mine but I do try. It might be a great buy. Hopefully whomever ends up as the owner will add it, and themselves, to "we few, we happy few."
  6. first.. FRONT FORKS HAVE BEEN REBUILT WITH NEW SEALS AND MEASURED FORK OIL! then... THE BIKE HAS 3 BREMBO GOLD DISC BRAKES, OHLINS 41mm UPSIDE DOWN FORKS AND OHLINS MONOSHOCK WITH SEPERATE GAS RESERVOIR AND IS COMPLETLY ADJUSTABLE AS ARE THE FRONT FORKS. I don't see any Ohlins equipment. Added later? why no photo? If it has them that's half the value and would be a great deal. Metal parts have the 'stored outside' patina idk... Get current photos.
  7. if you can't say anything good then don't say anything ... so I'm saying nothing I wish him the best
  8. first I've heard of this. Please reference the thread. Was there a recall?
  9. there is a failure prone run?? (other than that early recall business) CSP's is a 2002 yes?
  10. mine is art till I pass, then it's jetsam
  11. it is a nice bike. rewrite the ad no girl. no "how you'll feel" commentary never use the word 'mint' in any ad for a used motorcycle then post in our classifieds
  12. now we're getting somewhere... I have spoken to people who contend riding a motorcycle is crazy owning a motorcycle is impractical what are you going to do with two? Why and what we ride is fascinating to me and@Icenian is lucky to have narrowed it down as far as he has.
  13. so I sez to my girl "yeah I have kind of a lot of motorcycles, kind of an expensive hobby, but (thinking proudly) It's not like I'm spending money in strip clubs" she sez "so it's either motorcycles or strip clubs?"
  14. There is more than one reason to have more than one bike. You sound out the best reason for owning two, at least. My strategy would be which one first? Easy for me. Moto Guzzi must have clip on bars. If I weren't a fan of that riding position I'd get the Griso. Something about "street" handlebars on a spine frame doesn't work for me. Purely on visuals? LeMans wins. Griso still somehow captures the heart of Italian design, in spite of the muffler. Beyond that, my radar spins toward older Guzzi's.
  15. this is the 5 speed kit. I **think** it's the same as the discontinued kit for the 6 speed kit, except for the actuating rod receiver cup and the clutch hub (which owners of RM, Scura and Tenni already have in the bike, so you don't need it) price is about the same as mine cost quite awhile back I wish we (I) had paid more attention and conserved all our info into one place so present and future new owners would have an easier time navigating this issue. It's kind of a big deal for these models. https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=193&products_id=1698
  16. Yes it can docc. What I wonder is if RAM were making a version of the current (steel) lightened clutch assembly before Guzzi got the idea to have them produce the Aluminum flywheel single plate assembly for their 'specials.' So,... was it a Guzzi design in the beginning for the RM? .. and subsequently passed down to Scura and Tenni? Or a RAM design at the bequest of MG? or ...once it proved weak and discontinued through the line, did RAM decide to make it better? The lightened flywheel/clutch assembly introduced as oem in the V11 range was a good idea, but a failure. The tried and true reliable dual plate kit is the way to go for replacement ... says the Guzzisti in me. The smart me says avoid the 'presumed experiment' oem alm kit altogether. It's not worth the worry. The adventure me -thankfully- went with the later RAM single. And I think it fits closer to intended oem spec for the purest in me. It's too bad this assembly was not used throughout the spine line.
  17. just these. Yes I had to disassemble to remove it iirc. I think one bolt broke off. If you need something specific lemme know. I can dig it out and photograph it. I layered the pics, like turning a page. 3 and 4 are reversed in this
  18. the RAM replacement. Not that different from the OEM aluminum (RAM made that one too) but lightened steel flywheel and better friction plate. I was lucky to get this just before they stopped selling this kit.
  19. out, and in a box, where it's happiest.
  20. it's here https://www.ebay.com/itm/165877360054?hash=item269f0fa5b6:g:q8QAAOSw8dNjvJ2f&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsIeYdmjkTmWWjwo6XH10DJxWWiXTRtIewA6AvmjyCztxaOz4UFeAegoEx%2FLCOT51pxvo%2FMW0%2B310phwMXypWlGUlqStdN60Q%2BgMQ7PD5qF9DEd1%2BPpqnyEX2zcPL%2BdrnsjDM74VNhWX24RFS7EDkoNYfSBuR3Am5ycd6g3Kssju64b%2FwsG5Rzqr8VGj8ISig6hSTKpvPhFWY0EvJpyh96OdqMz3ZV0%2B3tu6VrY%2BNw%2BvL|tkp%3ABk9SR-TpnvGzYQ
  21. Black? gosh, purge the system, maybe twice, then consider the next thing. fwiw, I've never used a bleeding kit or pump to do this job on any system. Just pump it out and replace it as you do, just don't let the rez go down to let air in. Do the prep, a nice clean, clear hose to watch what comes out. Your body goes through some weird contortions but it can be done. don't be afraid to waste a can of fluid.
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