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  1. Be aware that if the actual hose fitting that is broken, (The usual way is the little hooky-toothy bits on the *Ring* break off) you can pick apart the broken parts and new parts on the hose fitting and replace the broken bits, including the all important o-ring, with the new parts without disturbing the stupid shrink-fitted hose, (If indeed your bike has the shrink-fitted hose? All the CARC bikes do.). We do this all the time when frustrated owners have bust their fittings.
  2. I think that is going to be one of the Shiver motors? DOHC rather than the SOHC motor of the Mana. The Mana motor is much more like a 'Doubled up' Aprilia scooter motor. If you look at the head design of something like a Scarabeo the similarities are obvious. The motor, without the E-CVT, was also used on the 850 SRV scooter and also has another life in a John Deere product! A lawn tractor I think? Albeit de tuned further and with single rather than twin plug heads.
  3. Well buy one! As I said, they are cheap as chips! Luggage racks are long out of production but if you can get a set of racks the Givi paniers are universal. There are many screens available but I'd try and get a GT. Stock suspension is better on the GT as well.
  4. Aprilia Mana. 850cc SOHC, single throttlebody, 'L' twin, electronically controlled CVT with three automatic ride modes and one 'False Manual' seven speed mode controlled either by a foot lever or buttons n the left switch cluster. It makes low to mid seventies HP and has an absolutely flat torque curve. Mine, at the time that photo was taken about 12 years ago, had all the factory 'Fruit' on it. The bags, screen, top box etc. we're all expensive Aprilia branded accessories but I was a service agent at the time so I got them. In keeping with my usual practice I've spent money on suspension and brakes. The original forks were awful but a set of fully adjustables off a Gen2 Tuono, revalved and sprung, fixed up the front and the back wears a fully adjustable Hyperpro. Front brakes are 100mm radial Brembos with HH pads in place of the original 80mm no-names. It stops and handles very well! They were made from 2008 to 2014, from 2010 onwards you could get the GT model with a very effective frame mounted fairing. I had one in the US and completed a 14,000 mile tour that was enormous fun on it. A genuine 'Orphan' you can pick them up for next to nothing. They are a superb little motorbike. Very reliable and although there are a couple of big ticket service items, (Belt and valve adjustment.) these have very long intervals. You'll pry mine from my cold dead fingers!
  5. First thing I did when I bought the 'Mighty Scura' was piss off the single plate clutch and reinstall a stock airbox. That bike is sex on wheels. Pod filters don't filter and are detrimental to performance. Idiots claim ridiculous HP increases that aren't achievable and never mention the flobering lack of midrange and bottom end torque, even with the best, custom built map. Far greater benefits can be achieved by spending money on suspension and brakes.
  6. The use of wet liners is interesting. I wonder why they went that way rather than nicasiling the block like the 'Prilla V4's and the like? Nice to see a return to replaceable main bearings too. Scisor gear for primary timing and single chain per side. I want to see more detail of the finger followers and how they are moved for valve lash adjustment.
  7. In that case you chinless numpty how about releasing some parts diagrams or a service manual, (Being a completely new design they might even be able to get someone to write it without incorporating inaccurate info about previous models! That would be a first!) Im not the least interested in what it looks like or how it performs. All that is secondary to me. I want to see how it f*cking WORKS!
  8. Is the name still owned by that grifting fraud who took people's money and then declared bankruptcy, again and again and again!? Personally I think the Notrun name has been so poisoned now I don't see how it could ever 'Come Back'. Apart from that there can't be many people under the age of sixty who know anything at all about its history and most who do know exactly what a huge clusterf*ck the demise of the British motorcycle industry was and how awful their post war products were.
  9. People like this is why we aren't allowed to have nice things any more......
  10. Nut on the top shaft has wound off? Thats my guess.
  11. Oh lookee! https://tlm.nl/search-results-page?q=Norge footrest plate
  12. EBay? Or the usual suspects. Pinwall? Harpers? Guzzi Classics? Although Mark is mainly older bikes he may well have one or two wrecks of CARC bikes. If I wasn't retiring I'd be seriously thinking of doing for CARC bikes what the bloke in Canada who owns every spare Laverda part in the world has done! There'll be a living in it for someone with a bit of foresight!
  13. Back in the day a PC was just about the only option. It worked, pretty crudely, but it worked. I had one on the Mighty Scura but only because it came with it. Nowadays though the mapping for the 15M and 15M-RC are an open book. Why would you arse about with an add-on widget when you can access everything in the map? Not just the fuel and spark.
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