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Found 3 results

  1. I have re-assembled the bike post my last off road adventure, and apart from realizing that the Stelvio is big and heavy, particularly when fully fuelled and loaded with camping gear, I have now come to the realization that I cant ride in sand! either way, I noticed on the trip that the brakes on the Stelvio are a bit mushy. They have always felt a bit like that. They stop the bike, but I don’t get the feeling that it will stand on its nose, and the back brake has longer travel than I would like, ( touches the centre stand on full braking) and does not seem to really lock up the back wheel. The brakes were bled by me and fluid replaced at the beginning of the season, but the ABS was not purged as I am too tight to pay the dealer. So any suggestions on shortening the brake pull and sharpening up the brakes, or am I going to have to pay the dealer to cycle and purge the ABS? I do have new pads to go on, but am holding off until I have to fit new tyres this winter. separately my 2014 California also has “long and softer” brakes, ( it weighs at least as much as the Stelvio) but the V11 Balabio (no ABS) will stand on its nose and locks up the rear at any opportunity!
  2. Just thought I would share my recent experiences when suffering from intermittent overheating rear brake on my 2005 V11 Le Mans with 10000 miles. All appeared fine at the pedal so I suspected rear calliper which I inspected and cleaned, both pistons fine and moving nicely, test ride and still binding. Removed master cylinder which at first appeared fine but I decided to rebuild so ordered repair kit from motomecca. When the kit arrived the problem became obvious! The master cylinder piston was not returning fully due to a build up of alloy corrosion within the body of the master cylinder which was squeezing a nylon sleeve which the piston slides up and down in thereby causing pressure to be applied even when pedal not pressed. I have now rebuild the master cylinder and problem sorted. Just something to watch out for as this obviously happens over time. If you look inside the bottom of the cylinder where the push rod enters you will see the black coloured piston within the white nylon sleeve held in place by a circlip. The piston should return all the way back to the circlip, level with the bottom of the nylon sleeve. If not you probably have the same problem as me. Repair kit was about £20 including postage so probably worth doing next time you change fluid. Hope this helps someone else! Jez
  3. Has Moto Guzzi added ABS to any of their models? Does anyone have experience or know of any aftermarket kits that can be added to the V11 brakes?
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