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Found 5 results

  1. I have re-assembled the bike post my last off road adventure, and apart from realizing that the Stelvio is big and heavy, particularly when fully fuelled and loaded with camping gear, I have now come to the realization that I cant ride in sand! either way, I noticed on the trip that the brakes on the Stelvio are a bit mushy. They have always felt a bit like that. They stop the bike, but I don’t get the feeling that it will stand on its nose, and the back brake has longer travel than I would like, ( touches the centre stand on full braking) and does not seem to really lock up the back wheel. The brakes were bled by me and fluid replaced at the beginning of the season, but the ABS was not purged as I am too tight to pay the dealer. So any suggestions on shortening the brake pull and sharpening up the brakes, or am I going to have to pay the dealer to cycle and purge the ABS? I do have new pads to go on, but am holding off until I have to fit new tyres this winter. separately my 2014 California also has “long and softer” brakes, ( it weighs at least as much as the Stelvio) but the V11 Balabio (no ABS) will stand on its nose and locks up the rear at any opportunity!
  2. I dropped my Stelvio in sand on a backroad (twice). Apart from buggering my ankle under the pannier box, (note to self - you cant ride in sand and certainly not on a Stelvio with full gas and loaded with camping gear. Stop kidding yourself); In the crash, I bent the gearshift lever and cracked the end fitting where the pedal attaches. You can see in the pictures the bend and it is cracked and bent at the bolt hole for the pedal. The light is hopeless but you get the idea. I presume, looking at it, the arm is toast; but just on the off chance, can the arm be straightened and the crack welded, or does anyone have a spare I can buy or steal, or do I have to go to Guzzi for a replacement?
  3. Buying a 2013 Stelvio with 20k kilometres on it to add to the collection. The bike is in PEI (Anne of Green Gables etc on the Atlantic side of Gods own Country) and I live in BC. So I will be flying over in April and weather permitting, will then head over to St John’s NL and mile Zero and then ride home. Wife thinks I am mad, but I am less concerned with the distance -about 6;000ks than the weather in early spring up here. Two questions: do the Stelvio riders have a specific blog site like here? and Anyone got suggestions on route planning? Right now I plan to head along the Trans CANADA from PEI to NL and then Trans CANADA all the way home but if freezing or snowing could detour south through the States.
  4. Hi Guys, How about another tyre thread? What is the perceived wisdom for Stelvio tyres? I will be doing around 80-90% tar and the rest gravel. Not likely to be doing any real dirt on it. The Internet suggests Continental TKC 70s (60/40) or Continental Trail Attack (90/10) in the Premium tyres range or Shinzo 705's (80/20 and cheap) but I have never heard of them! All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance.M.
  5. I'm going to try to go spectate the Passo di Stelvio stage of the Giro d'Italia. I hope the roads aren't closed the day before, because I am not the best camper. Anyone know if the roads are open in the morning? I have a feeling that 10,000 vehicles trying to get down off the mountain afterwards will be a bit like Mad Sunday at the TT
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