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  1. Second time this happened to mySport in high heat after a short run up the road (thirty minutes), and a very short stop->restart (minutes) attempt, then failure to run. Like a "vapor lock." First time, it cleared out suddenly after maybe twenty->thirty minutes. Like it never happened. This time, (High heat: 95ºF/ higher "heat index"), I got maybe 200 yards and the Sport would not recover. Tried cycling the fuel pump (a dozen+ times). Opened the tank cap several times. Chatted with several concerned locals stopping to check on my plight. After an hour pinned between the edge of the road and the guard rail, I thought it would restart after "cooling off." Fanned the petcock/fuel line/fuel pump over the left cylinder/head. No joy. Started to fret over the Timing Sensor. The ECU. Swapped in a fresh #5 (fuel/ignition) relay . . . Figured I fouled the plugs with so many restart attempts an decided to swap in new plugs (always carry new plugs!) thinking the bad plugs would be wet soaked from so many restart attempts. After an hour cool down and fresh plugs, started up and rode home . . . Yeah, they are "plugs", just not *spark*-plugs! Right as I was celebrating turning 134,000 miles . . .
  2. I've just spent quite some time tinkering with a heat shield to isolate the early V11 Sport fuel pump from the left hand cylinder radiated heat. After all the messing about trying to get it right, I thought I'd share the details for the final successful (Mark V)iteration, in case anyone fancies getting it right first time. I used 0.5 mm Aluminium Sheet cut and drilled to the shape in the attached .pdf template (should be overall 165mm x 180mm if the scale is right). I then covered with adhesive heat shield fabric - I obtained mine from ThermalVelocity.co.uk (other suppliers are available). It will protect against radiated heat from the cylinder but not convected heat from the engine. If used in conjunction with a manual fuel petcock (GU01105460) see Gutsibits, changing out the solenoid one, and a properly burped fuel line, this should by some accounts purge my vapour lock gremlins, without having to relocate the pump and fuel filter. We'll see whether it works, if we get a real hot summer - dream on...! Andy Heatshield_template.pdf
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