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Fairing Swap

joe camarda

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Somewhere on this forum I've seen a posting with some fairly detailed explanations...but, as usual NOW that I'm looking for it I cant find it :huh2:


Can someone please post a link to it, or maybe even clue me into what parts will be needed?


Also, which style (Ballabio or handlebar mount) would make for an easier conversion should I choose to switch to a LeMans fairing?

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I believe Greg Field has mounted the Coppa Italia (Ballabio style) fairing to the frame.

It is a different look, but still looks good.


Search his past posts and you are likely to find lots of pics.

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Guest NotRight

oh man. I always get confused on this topic. not enough ballabio, cafe sport, coppa italia owners around....


Please provide an update if you switch. Did you find the stock bikini fairing annoying?


I had annoying buffeting but mostly limited to the interstate where the air is very turbulent. Back roads were not so bad.


I'm naked right now. A low slide cracked it and scratched it badly. I wasn't upset to remove it.


But, I would consider a Le Mans fairing. If you are really handy there are other options. Can we pin a fairing thread? This seems to arise somewhat regularly.


I've seen a honda hyper bike fairing (looked good too)

The BMW fairing

And extra kudos for our Isle of Man LeMans II or IV conversion.


I almost won a Laverda fairing on ebay. Didn't know if I could make it fit and didn't want to carve up a Laverda part.


But thought it would be neat to have some other small outfit italian part on as a fairing.

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Notright is right :blush: this SHOULD be a "pinned" topic!


I did find the stock fairing's buffeting annoying and removed it. The "bell" shape of the now exposed headlight is cool looking. Today it was :sun: 103 degrees (f), so the lack of a fairing wasnt too bad. During the upcoming winter months though I would like SOME wind protection. As I see it my options are:


One...re-install the stock Ballabio fairing and suffer the buffeting for the minimal weather protection gain.


Two...install a Stucchi type handlebar fairing. It looks better (IMHO) and as I dimly recall it did a cleaner job of wind management, but still not a whole lotta weather protection. However, this option would complicate (I think) the seasonal installation of a LeMans fairing as the headlight would swing with the handlebars.


Three...install a Lemans fairing (shameless plug here: http://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?...mp;#entry124505 ) but as noted this option would be more compatible with the stock Ballabio type fairing (I think). And then there is the handlebar issue...BTW has anyone tried these with the LeMans fairing? http://cyclecat.com/BR1-1.htm . Ive used them on several other bikes, including a 01 V11 Sport and liked them. Dont know if they would offer additional clearence with the LeMans fairing though.


:wacko: To summarize my incoherent rambling...I'd like to install the a LeMans fairing, and that seems more compatible with the stock Ballabio fairing, unfortunately

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The tailpiece needs to be the hollow style found on the newer (after about 02) models.


I do have two of the older style tailpieces should you be interested in trades (my two for your one). I'm also looking for the seat cowl. TIA.

Hi Joe

Have you tried "reboot guzzi spares " they have a seat unit for a 2004 nero corsa on there site.



sorry couldnt post on your other thread.

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One...re-install the stock Ballabio fairing.


Two...install a Stucchi type handlebar fairing.


Three...install a Lemans fairing


Four... install a Buell Blast flyscreen - it's adjustable and good looking too. It even is formed to follow the MG instruments! I don't have one but have seen them.

I don't know if it offers much in the way of weather protection, but anything above the headlight does divert the air.




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The key is not so much the fairing itself , but how it mounts. The RedFrames headlamp and instruments mount to the forks whereas the later bikes (different) headlamp and (different) instruments mount to the frame setting them much further forward than the earlier style.

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Having dealt with this myself, should you wish to convert to a Lemans fairing, this will require removal of the large cast stalk on the front of the bike. This will also involve obtaining a new dash panel and required hardware to mount the gauges such that they move with the handlebars. To mount the headlight, there are left and right side mounts which attach to the new gauge mounting hardware. and the lower triple clamp.


Mounting of the Lemans fairing will involve removal of the aforementioned mounts, replacing with various brackets.


I am in the same boat myself as I am waiting on the repair of my Magni fairing- I have constructed a "field expedient" headlight mount out of aluminum to tide me over. My original plan was to source a complete Lemans fairing and paint it to match the Cafe Sport color scheme.


Once you have the whole setup converted to the sport/lemans style, then putting the coppa fairing back on will make a world of difference with the airflow. I'd have my stock fairing on now but it's off at "the lab" trying to get the color matched so I can have my Magni unit sprayed to match the rest of the bike.


Hope this helps.... a number of folks here have done this conversion- it's just a few hours work if you have ALL the parts compiled.


Also..... If I recall correctly, the stock ballabio / cafe / coppa handlebar setup will clear on the Lemans fairing without modification. As I have the Magni setup I was forced to switch from the stock handlebars to the (Much, much lower) aftermarket clip-ons mounted underneath the top clamp. The stock Lemans comes with the clip-ons mounted on top of the top clamp.... the options are endless.

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You can use a Guzzi fairing such as the carbon one or one similar to what was used on the Scura. These latter are available painted in several colors.


Or, you can re-mount the Ballabio-type fairing to swing with the bars. This gives a little less protection but gets rid of the buffeting. To make it work, you need a V11 Sport instrument plate, the L-bracket to mate the plate to you tripple tree, and headlight brackets (the Guzzi ones or make your own. You'll also need some spacers for alongside the smaller Ballab headlight. Here are some pix:





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