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Clutch Master Cylinder


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Does anyone know of a source of seal kits for the V11 clutch master cylinder? I'm loath to pay £180 for a new cylinder when it's only the rubber bits that need changing!




2002 V11


Hi Alan


Try Duillo Agostini or Teo Lamers; both companies have a very good reputation amongst users on this homepage. have dealt with both companies and have received my goods on the spot both times. Both very professionel in customer service.


Good luck :-)



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Hi, mirage_al!


My notes from 2008 from the invoice from MotoInternational in Seattle, WA USA, show:


M/C KIT, 12mm RECT/REMOTE - Item Number: TA 110436292 , US$32


Not sure if that is a Guzzi #, an MI #, or even a Brembo #


(BTW, go to your profile and show a location, even if it is just a country. It'll help members better guide you to resources! And, again, welcome!) :mg:

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