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Bob Hartman

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13 hours ago, KINDOY2 said:

And the hundreds of hours docc puts in to keep it all going!


2 hours ago, 80CX100 said:

I try to mention Docc as often as I can,and I did at the top of my post,but I agree with you,it would be impossible for me to sing his praises and accolades too often or fervently.

This place & our bikes wouldn't run as smoothly as they do if it wasn't for Docc,the master craftsman and resident expert  of all things V11.

For an electrical luddite like myself,Docc's intimate knowledge of the V11,and his patient methodical analysis and eagerness to help us work through problems and gather and organize the right information, and point us in the right direction,is invaluable.

The V11s are a new motorcycle mystery to me,it's extremely confidence inspiring,knowing that Docc is there to hold my hand and spoon feed me the right stuff to keep my bike in fine running order.

Words can't express my gratitude for Docc's sage guidance.


Thank you, gentleman. Such kind words. :closedeyes:

I'm fond of saying I am more of a custodian than a "moderator."  Just keeping things tidied up and uncluttered as best as I may.

I do recall my older brother once telling me (I have no idea if this has any basis in fact) that Merlin, of King Arthur fame, was not a "wizard' at all, but was possessed of a good memory and used it to effect solutions for others throughout his life.

So, yeah, I try to remember where others have advised us, often expertly, throughout our forum's history and guide others to, or gather and present, the archival content.

In that light, "moderator" seems a bit stifling and "custodian" perhaps a bit underpaid.  :rolleyes::whistle:

"Wizard DeLuxe " has a nice ring to it . . . :oldgit: 

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