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that bloody farking front UNI joint?


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It's accessible, as Camn's picture shows, without removing anything - so long as you have the shortest possible grease-gun fitting on a small 90-degree elbow. See also post #30 in this thread for a view from further away, but from the same angle. Camn must have set a small camera right on the driveshaft. Post #25 has a picture from the other side - looking back toward the driveshaft from the seat lock.


The procedure is sort of like an unpleasant exam. It's quick once you get used to it, you only need to do it once a year, but at least you get to wear the gloves.


Sadly, there is but one V11 in my garage, so I can't make any comparisons. However, the idea that a different shock could cause a difference in clearance doesn't make sense to me, because the front grease fitting is so close to the pivot point of the swing arm.


However, some of the castings are irregular (as described in post #26), which would make it hard to get a grease gun connected, even if access to it was not obstructed.


From what I can see, a lot of people have bent the grease gun or modified it with angle fittings, and have been able to get it to fit without removing any parts from the bike. But apparently the challenge remains for access to the 2000, short-frame V11s.

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No way that would go on my early Sport. I wonder if Guzzi simply shortened the protective collar at some point. Mine looks to be about 65 mm long from the gearbox. At the protective guard's most lateral side outboard, it looks about 13 mm from the swingarm.

same on mine, but half an hour wheeling forward and back, no nipple!
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attachicon.gif2015-02-11 20.04.36.jpgAll I see looking up through the tunnel is variations of this. ??? Seems I have no front nipple.Yes, I need a rear hugger.


Hugger - I like the Ghezzi Brian one. There are other, far easier to install, options. But IMO, the Ghezzi Brian unit is the best design. And you'll get some real quality time with your bike - none of this bolt-on-quick-and-easy business...


Have you found the front U-joint? You're looking for a grease fitting in the center of the U-joint, not on the driveshaft. Try this:

  1. Push the bike until the C-shape on the front of the driveshaft is parallel to the ground.
  2. Then look/feel into the C-shape, where the U-joint is a + shape that connects to another C on the output shaft.
  3. If there is no nipple there, push the bike again so the shaft rotates 180 degrees and check the other side.

Look closely at the previous pictures in this thread. And here's I diagram from the parts manual. I put a red arrow pointing to about where the fitting should be. The diagram also shows a fitting on the shaft, which is to lube the splines, not the U-joint. On my bike that fitting is at the back, not the front.


Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 7.17.16 AM.jpg


Your next post should be "success."  :thumbsup:


FWIW: I have a couple dental mirrors in my tool box that come in handy at times like this.

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The procedure is sort of like an unpleasant exam

You've got it ! I do it once a year allthough the workshop manual says "every 2 years or 20.000 km". I can barely manage with a standard grease gun (it takes time to get the grease gun tip on/off). The earlier photo was taken when the grease gun was at this position (photo - nothing dismantled, only rear lifted up with the original tool). How I managed ? No one told me beforehand that it can't be done and I seem to have more room for the grease gun tip.



find the nipple -use finger for that

First rehearse with wife :)


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Thanks Docc, I was looking for the one marked "not this one". Pictures really are worth 1000 words, except Scud's look like he's on the one I was looking for. Nevermind, on the right track now.


So my shroud completely buries my front U joint. You can see the shoulders of the shaft in my photo before it disappears into the dark.I've yet to figure how to stand her up and droop the rear suspension, that might open the U at the top somewhat. I bet someone already said that and it didn't register with me.

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Ok , I see it now by turning my head sideways and squinting. :blink:


If you rotate the shaft about another 60˚ clockwise, the cross should open enough to (maybe) see or feel the Zerk in the center of the cross facing back.


Best way I've found to angle the shaft down enough is to remove the rear wheel and remove the bevel box  carefully separating the shaft.

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remove the rear wheel

Rear wheel removed, Guzzi on stand: many of us do not need to remove the wheel as stated before, "on stand" is enough. Here's a pic of the grease nipple.


Holy Cow--that thing is BARELY visible...  And we're supposed to get a grease gun fitting on that??  Another task to add to my list for this weekend... 

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