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Oil Filter Door Tool - 27mm male socket.


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Installed properly, the clamp on the filter is unnecessary.

Ryland originally did some extensive looking into this. Aside from relying on high quality filters, he found it took 1 and 1/8 full turns once the gasket made contact to get the proper torque on the filter. When I started using this method, I found it was significantly tighter than I was otherwise inclined to go.


Part of the issue may harken back to the old recommendation to install canister oil filters (on automobiles) "hand tight."  :oldgit: That would certainly NOT be a formula for your V11. Another contributory factor was was early reports of factory filters being so hard to get off that they had to be destroyed to remove making it uneasy for the owner/tech to crank the replacement filter down as tight as it really requires.


The access cover can be fiddly to install. Making sure all the threads are clean, and using a little copper anti-seize, makes the process more positive; a procedure to be performed in good light with steady hands.


Guzzis stored and ridden in damp environs would benefit from periodic sump removal to clear the mayonnaise off the pick up mesh. I dropped my sump after 12 years/75,000 miles/121.000 km and found very little sludge, but my Sport is stored year round with temperature and humidity control. On a Persian rug. With soft music playing in the background . . .  B)

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There a go... Agree with all that. You'd be surprised how many people don't even lubricate the seal before they torque them down.


"My sport is stored year round with temperature and humidity control. On a Persian rug. With soft music playing in the background"


You Sir.... Have got life figured out.

Except the soft music. My Lemans likes AC/DC and Hendrix, and will not tolerate soft anything.

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Ok, so, I admit: it's mostly the Blues and various blues-rock anthems. (Ramblin'/ Marshall Tucker Band)


Probably the dry seal is what stuck the factory filters so horribly, IMHO.

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I've found mayonnaise every time I dropped the sump, which so far has been every oil change. The first time I had to do so was because the filter had to be destroyed to get it off, and after that I used the hose clamp option to keep it secure. I was surprised to see mayonnaise after an extended period of unusually warm weather (for these parts) with the engine doing no less than 50miles each trip.


So I'll drop the sump to clear out the creamy sludge and keep using the hose clamp, unnecessary though it might be because:

i) the opportunity to check all's well (no bits in the gauze) and

ii) the security of knowing the filter won't unspin in use

seem well worth the meagre effort of undoing a dozen or so screws and the cost of a new gasket.


It's unnecessary to wear protective gear until you fall off. Your choice.

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