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I just got back from vacation.  I saw a comedy show with Steve Martin and Martin Short.  Most of you know that Steve plays banjo.  This group accompanied him.  I wouldn't really call it bluegrass as much as jazz+ banjo.  The show was funny as you can imagine.  These guys are worth a listen too. Allison Brown and Fair Weather Friends


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Man, I'm not sure what's wrong.  I've been sick with a virus for a couple of weeks.  I've started to slowly recover and get back to normal.   Anyway to the topic.  Lightning struck nearby yesterday and it took out my new stereo and sub.  So I'm not listening to anything.  I was actually able to drive for the first time, so I was able to exchange the cable box.

It's a bad deal to be home ridden with no tunes.  I have a bluetooth speaker, so there's that.

Whining over.

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