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What do you listen to? Share your favs

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I'm on limited bandwidth (satellite connection) so I don't venture over here very often,I noticed Footgoose posted a tune above by Beth Hart;I'm always going through my vault of songs and I just happen to be working on a nice old Bobby Bland classic tune that she covered and inspired me to play "I'll Take Care of You" fwiw

I'm always looking for new/different gospel style tunes to play and I stumbled on this extremely sweet tune that's gone viral just recently. The original song "Beautiful Day" was composed by Jermaine Edwards, but about 6 yrs ago a young 10 yr old Jamaican boy by the name of Rushawn had someone record him a cappella in his classroom and uploaded the tune.

Recently a mix master artist by the name of The Kiffness stumbled across it,worked his magic,overlaying new vocals,harmonies,rythm,reggae bass lines,trumpet solo and the video even has a cameo appearance of a dancing cat :D

This song has a raw innocent soul touching vibe that is resonating with the world right now,1st 24 hrs it had 2 million views, 3 weeks later,iirc 20 million views, it's viral for a reason.:rasta:


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Scuroo, when I was a young cub photographer at the local CBS tv station, Duluth Mn. I filmed Elvis, I have a long story about that and I won’t bore you with it.. he wasn’t too good looking then, about 1977

I think he died soon after.

my book is titled “I Shot Elvis” is-about experiences in TV news.

 unpublished tho..

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