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What [music] do you listen to? Share your favs

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Great song. I actually have a copy of that album on vinyl, I believe. Not 100% sure, because if I do have it, it has been in a box in my sister's garage in Canberra, Australia since the beginning of 1996. When I came here to Germany, I left my records at her place. I intended to have them sent on, or collect them myself, of something. It hasn't happened yet, and that album is amongst them. :wacko:

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I am usually not a big fan of "electronic" music, but I have to admit Neon Vines, a.k.a. Jackie Buono from Austin Texas is incredibly talented to get all that equipment under control while singing live, her own compositions.

Sadly, she seemed to have vanished... she has not published anything new since 2021; we are many followers wondering if she has not gone away for ever.


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13 hours ago, gstallons said:

Is this for real ?

Definitely. One can see him playing what one hears, and there a a couple of slight mistakes. It is real.

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Not sure if I've posted this before. Danish band Choir of young believers from 15 years ago or so. Theme song from a very good Danish Police series "The Bridge" which is worth a viewing itself. The lead singer died not so long ago, real shame.


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I saw Samantha Fish and a bunch of other guitar ladies at the Dallas Guitar Festival.

I liked her better when she played her fish alike Telecaster, and before she changed her hair to the Marilyn look.

I like Lari Basilio's music. She is also pretty good on guitar!


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