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Luciano Marabese/ V11 Sport Designer


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2 hours ago, milar said:

Did anyone else have trouble opening these attachments?



54 minutes ago, Emeraldv11 said:

Did not open for me either

Hmmm, this morning neither can I . . . :angry:

[edit: new attempt to make the links live along with, once again, linking the Anima Guzzista interview with Luciano Marabese. I cannot seem to get the images to display in the post.]

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This writing from Dave Richardson, originally posted on MGNOC at the V11 introduction, should be referenced here, IMO.  The date of the writing is unspecified, as far as I can see, but must be very early ~2000 (?)

Thank you, :notworthy:  MGNOC, for archiving this excellent contribution to the V11 Sport history and origins!  :thumbsup:

(And thanks to our member @ScuRoo for re-posting this excellent reference!)


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Credit the Centauro Owners Group for these drawings of Marabese original design for the Centauro.  


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4 hours ago, Twin AH said:

Any way of acquiring a print of this some where?


thx in advance

That would be awesome!!! I hotlinked that image from MotorBike Magazine, but it is low resolution. Here is a composite with a couple of his Gilera designs:


But who is the artist of the original work? Is it Ettore Gambioli?

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