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Ozark Arkansas Rally


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  • 1 month later...

You know it!

Even considering washing and waxing the bike. Might even scrunch down and take a swipe at the wheels......

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Had a great time. Most rode their own rides.


Weather -perfect, traffic -light, and  roads -fantastic.


four spine frames (counting the Spot)

three Norges

one V7

one 1400 Cali

plus Kaw 14 and Suzi SV


Too good to be described and too tired to describe it.  


The SV got a Ticket (15 over) and I got a Warning (1-15 over)


States represented were Okla, MO, Wisc, Indy, Fla, TX, KS (and on one from Ark)





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So, so great, man! Congratulations to all! :thumbsup:


Love the mural on the café . . .  although the bassman looks suspiciously cheerful . . . :rasta:;)

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Leroy, you were so fast that I NEVER saw you on the road.   :homer:


But, you're great company and fun to share pizza and beer with.  Hope to see you before the rally next May.  (You're my newest friend)   :rasta:


Maybe you'll ride up with us to Springfield Ill to Flat Track on Labor Day?  (Heck, take the Honda)   :grin:

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  • 4 months later...

just a note.


Plan to it again next May.


Great roads, great scenery.  I'll plan for date & places hearing from you.


I am leaning toward the same hotel.

I guess that would be..hmmm....essentially east, eh?


Sounds good!

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