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Set your V11 CO Fuel Trim!


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So many V11 were shipped with the CO Fuel Trim set very, very lean (settings of minus 25 or much more have been reported).


Do not skip this step! Zero (or optimize) the CO Fuel Trim on your V11!


It can be done with guzzidiag, the original Moto Guzzi "Axone," VDSTS Pro software, or Meinolf's method through the EEPROM (which I do not understand).


(Using a "PCIII" to accomplish this is considered rather *less than ideal* at this juncture.)


Perhaps we can get the EEPROM method clarified here . . .

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I bought a MyECU because of this, the other tools were not as prevalent back then. Stalling at stop lights made the original ECU useless during commuting. 

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I'm embarrassed to say that it took me eight years, like 31,000 miles, to get my CO zeroed. Andy York took care of it for me. :thumbsup:


These days, we have guzzidiag to get it right. Do not neglect your CO Fuel Trim!


Meinolf has another method that he says is easier. Perhaps we can get that clarified here . . .

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When I had a Lemans and a Bassa that was the main fix! and after the fix I scoffed at the Power Commander as a fix.. it really made my bikes superb, smooth idle and crisp pickup off the line..  I used the old VDST .. had to partition my Mac to have a windows XP OS just for that.



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...or Meinolf's method through the EPROM (which I do not understand).


Perhaps we can get the EPROM method clarified here . . .


it's easy. Instead of changing the CO trim with GuzziDiag connected to the running engine and waiting until the engine temperature has reached 60°C, download the EEPROM content using Beard's software http://www.von-der-salierburg.de/download/GuzziDiag/IAW15xEEPROMTool_V0.04.zip.


Then open the EEPROM file with TunerPro and this XDF http://www.von-der-salierburg.de/download/GuzziDiag/xdf/15M_EEPROM_V1.01.zip.


Change the CO trim and upload the changed file to the EEPROM. Donate some money to Beard using the PayPal link in GuzziDiag and it's done.




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So I have a question on the CO trim, I had downloaded the titanium map to my 03 Rosso and just noticed that the CO trim was at -15. Does that mean that the CO trim was in the map I downloaded or is it another part of the computer that stays no matter what map you have? 

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