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Need a IAW 15M ECU.  Son needs one for his Ducati.

I assume, with the correct MAP installed, that any 15M ECU will work.


Further responses from my Ducati "experts" say that I need a IAW 15M A8

The A8 is a specific variant...


Price with shipping, please?   To Zip   01721



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Hey there Stick,

     While browsing yesterday I came across this one, might work, dunno.




     Paul B


Hi Paul,Thanks for the find. Unfortunately, the -A01 would not be "plug-in" compatible for my Son'sbike. Something about the -A08 being different - side stand interlock & such.Also, my boy got a bit engaged in his need to fix the bike. I had him go to a local autostore for the large 40A fuse, and he also bought the routine-sized ones -- for spares.Then he saw the labeling on his fuse box. Saw one that said "Injection 7.5A".He replaced it, and the bike started! So he's out of the woods (and he knows where his fusebox is now!). Stick

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