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Torque Specifications


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I didn't see this via a quick search, nor in the FAQ section:  But something I've found very useful for other vehicle DIY maintenance is a simple consolidated list of bolt torque values.


Generally, although not always, these torque values can be found in various tables and buried as part of some loosely related assembly instructions within service manuals. But that can be frustrating to search for when performing a repair, or just trying to prep for some assembly work.  


And sometimes no values are provided by the factory for some fasteners at all.


So it might be nice to start a thread of fastener torque values as owners research and find them, and perhaps over time make it a FAQ.


For example, I'll have to replace my front engine mount sub-frame at some point due to rust, and I'd like to know what the frame and engine mounting bolt torque values are.

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The WHB's do have a list on some page but it's incomplete - many settings are not included but scattered around at specific sections (which is good too but they should be in the list as well  :oldgit: )


I collected all I could find when I had the 1100 Sport (all or nearly all will apply to V11 as well) plus some generics, see this page: https://www.abc.se/~rasmus/1100Sport-torque.html

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The WHB's do have a list on some page but it's incomplete - many settings are not included but scattered around at specific sections (which is good too but they should be in the list as well  :oldgit: )


I collected all I could find when I had the 1100 Sport (all or nearly all will apply to V11 as well) plus some generics, see this page: https://www.abc.se/~rasmus/1100Sport-torque.html



That is excellent, and exactly what I was looking to collect!


Would you mind cut/pasting that list to this thread also in case something happens to your location one day, and we can have that information here for easy reference?

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1100 Sport torque Specs 


This is information raz collected from various places.


Usual disclaimers applies. Ranges have been deduced to some sensible mid value and all are converted to Nm.



1100 Sport i workshop manual                                                    Nm     Notes

Nut and stud for cylinder head tie rods (M10x1.5)                      40

Bolt, rocker pin securing                                                               7

Spark plugs                                                                                 25

Hollow screws (banjo bolt?) delivering oil to heads (M8x1.25)   16       (I'd rather use 10-12 for the banjo bolt)

Nut, camshaft sprocket                                                             147

Nut, oil pump sprocket (M8x1)                                                    22       (not in Guzzi manual)

Screw, intake pipe                                                                       20

Connecting rod cap securing screws (M10x1)                            62

Screws securing flywheel to engine shaft (M8x1.25)                  40       Loctite medium, new screws

Screws securing flywheel crown (M6x1)                                     16

Nut locking alternator (M16x1.5)                                                 78

Nut locking secondary shaft (layshaft)                                      167

Cap for topping up oil in gearbox and transmission                   29

Safety nut for secondary shaft                                                    74

Nut locking bearing on bevel pinion                                          186

Screws securing crown to drilled pin                                           40

Screw to fix stand support plate                                                  71

Front wheel spindle                                                                      93

Fork pinch bolts are M8x1                                                           22

Screw for rear wheel spindle (case side)                                   118

Screws for front and rear brake discs (M8x1.25)                         28        Loctite 270

Triple clamps, 7 screws                                                                19

Fork drain screw                                                                           23        new copper bushing

Large bevel gear screws x 8                                                         40        Loctite 601, new screws

Reaction rod back                                                                         30

Reaction rod front                                                                         51

Bevel gear tripod back                                                                  39         Loctite 601

Bevel gear tripod front                                                                  28         Loctite 601

UJ fastening to rear drive                                                              39

Side plate, rod beneath swinging arm                                          49

Side plate lowest/frame to gearbox                                              78

Engine to subframe/ subframe to frame                                       78

Oil breather lines/ oil cooler (M16 banjo bolts)                             30         (not in Guzzi manual)


Standard values Nm Guzzi, use when not listed above

M4                                                                                                    3

M5 x 0.8                                                                                           6

M6 x 1                                                                                            10        Oil pan, rocker covers and other casing

M8 x 1.25                                                                                       27

M10 x 1.25                                                                                     47

M12                                                                                                80        (not in Guzzi manual)


V1000G5 shop manual Nm / guzzitech.com

Oil level and drain plugs, gearbox and rear drive box                    25

Brake caliper fixing bolts, M10x1.5mm                                          36


Griso 1100 workshop manual Nm

Oil filter                                                                                            19

Steering head plug M29x1                                                            100


Standard values: Aluminium (lubed) Nm / dodgeram.org

M6                                                                                                       7

M7                                                                                                     11

M8                                                                                                     18

M10                                                                                                   30

M12                                                                                                   55

M14                                                                                                   90

M16                                                                                                 140


Standard values: Grade 8.8 Iron (lubed) Nm

M6                                                                                                       9

M7                                                                                                     14

M8                                                                                                     23

M10                                                                                                   45

M12                                                                                                   80

M14                                                                                                  125

M16                                                                                                  195


Standard values: Grade 10.9 Iron (lubed) Nm

M6                                                                                                      13

M7                                                                                                      18

M8                                                                                                      33

M10                                                                                                    65

M12                                                                                                  115

M14                                                                                                  180

M16                                                                                                  280


Standard values: Grade 12.9 Iron (lubed) Nm

M6                                                                                                      14

M7                                                                                                      23

M8                                                                                                      40

M10                                                                                                    70

M12                                                                                                  125

M14                                                                                                  195

M16                                                                                                  290


Source: member since 2007: raz "Bork, bork, bork!"

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Thanks everyone!


Here's my thought, as others come across new values specific to a component or find a correction we update the thread and ultimately the master list.

This begs the question where to put this information.  FAQ threads are locked. So, a page could be put there, but cannot be amended or added to by the membership. We could leave it here and hope a search will bring it up, but the search function really works best with the:

Advanced Search function and this tutorial.


Recently, the several pinned threads in Technical Topics were moved to the "How to  . . ." subforum. While discussion remains open, the "Answered" function was lost. I intend to talk with Jaap about restoring it as it makes "getting to the bottom of things" more approachable.

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