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Got a Norge? Do tell.


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Saw a red firstgen Norge -- keeping questionable com[any with a Ducati :grin: -- in Winchester day before yesterday (Thursday, 27 May) southbound on U.S. 11 vic. I-81.

Anyone here?


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It was "N.J. Nick."  :bike:





He and buddy were en route to a beemer rally near Greenbanks, W.V.

Nick reports that may have been more Guzzis than BMW's.  :grin:

The man rides all the time, and everywhere. :notworthy:


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It really was an amazing coincidence to come out of -- I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this publicly :rolleyes: -- Denny's after breakfast and see the unidentified-until-now Nick on his Norge with a Duc riding with him.  

Nick told me on the phone that he had left his home in the N.J. Philly burbs with the intention of meeting his Bologna buddy -- from a different part of Pa. Philly -- somewhere along the way.  Nick came off I-81 northbound onto U.S. 11 just as his Ducati friend rolled off of I-81 southbound.  That's a four-or-so hour trip meshing serendipitously at the same moment.  Add to that our own puling out of the Denny's parking lot to see a red Norge.  Not quite to Twilight Zone level, but a nice coincidence anyway.  :mg:


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I remember talking to an 8 valve Norge owner in a parking lot near my place on a hot summers day.

I complimented him on having such a nice bike and he replied ," thanks but it's a bitch in weather like this as the fuel boils."

And you could actually hear the fuel percolating even with the engine off.

Heat rejection is not one of its strong points.

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1 hour ago, pete roper said:

Why would the fuel boil? It’s nowhere near any heat source. A blocked tank vent causing pressurisation problems I can see but not boiling….

Yea, you wont get fuel boiling in the tank. You get weird venting noises sometimes but there's not enough heat coming off the engine to boil fuel in the tank. The temperature is high enough but there isn't the required BTU's to raise that quantity of fuel to boiling point. In a small metal fuel line there can be though under the right conditions.


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