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V85 tyres.

pete roper

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Just a heads up to anyone who buys one of these things.

Local Bloke has one, fitted a new rear tyre from a different manufacturer and it threw a service warning ⚠️ and refused to engage the cruise control. Dealer, (The importer's shop.) was useless. They "Plugged in the computer" and it didn't tell them anything so they pushed him out the door with a shrug and the dash still lit up like a Christmas tree.


Back in Bunged End I ran into him in the pub and as he bemoaned this I suggested checking clutch and brake switches as faults with these will disable the cruise but then it dawned on me, "Did you recalibrate the TC after the new tyre was fitted?"


"OK, try that on the way home."

Problem fixed.

Now if you replace the tyres as matched pairs, even if they are of a different brand, chances are the circumferential difference betwixt front and rear won't be enough to make it have a spazz. If you just replace one tyre with a different brand, even if the profile is nominally the same, it must push the TC out of its comfort zone, hence the ⚠️ and lack of cruise.

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My Ducati has a tire and gearing setup menu to it.  I only set it once when I changed the gearing.  I've done front and rear tires (twice) and never had to run it. 

All I can say, the old tire must've really been worn down on that V85 for the sensor to pick it up.

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