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S'xteenth South'n Spine Raid 2020


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8 hours ago, Twin AH said:

Make sure you send pics of you and all the hot Guzzi girls OK.......:pic:



Ya know, someone promised to "bring a handful of Cubanos" a few years back . . .


 . . . then showed up with a tankbag full of cigars. B)

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1 hour ago, Blueboarhound said:

Unfortunately the Daytona nor the Sport 1100 will be on the guest list this year. I'll be attending with the Stelvio and as such will be taking the long way.


No mention of Cubanos leaves wiggle room . . . .

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Well, rats.

Kathi and I will be no-shows at this year's SSR.  :(

Not a C19 thing, but a family-events calendar that has us too far away to make it from here, there, and back, etc., in time, even in a Ferrari, much less our Fit, Mini, or any of our moto-harem.  

Regrets and best wishes to all.  We look forward to the pix and tales.


P.S. I showed this to Kathi after I launched it, and she said "WHO IS THAT?" ... meaning the Cubanos.  Naturally, I lied and said "That's another reason we just could not go, Dear; I was appalled."  :grin:


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Correct me if I'm wrong ( I already know I can trust you guys on that  :unsure: ), but there are a handful of V11 I don't think I have ever seen at a  South'n SpineRaid:

Scura, Nero Corsa, or Scura R

Maybe they were there, but all so dark I just couldn't see them . . . :ph34r::ninja::ph34r:

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Just now, footgoose said:

Chuck's Scura`came.

See there! I stand corrected already. :blush: "The Mighty Scura," even . . . :ninja:

I was thinking the other day that I've seen almost all of the V11 variants, even down to different color combos. (okay, red Ballabios, but not a grey one.)

Not sure I'll ever see a Scura R. I reckon those may be the very rarest of them all. :huh2:

While I've seen several Rosso Corsa, I don't think I've seen a Nero Corsa . . .

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Due to C-19, my rebuild plans have been pushed back and I also have a couple other projects going on. So my bike is still ride ready.

I bailed out last year worried about the bad weather. I think I’d like to attend this year.

Plenty of time to prep and it would be a nice trip to take while she’s still in this semi stock configuration.

will check on accommodations!

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