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S'xteenth South'n Spine Raid 2020


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On 7/21/2020 at 11:36 AM, Bill Hagan said:

Well, rats.

Kathi and I will be no-shows at this year's SSR.  :(

Not a C19 thing, but a family-events calendar that has us too far away to make it from here, there, and back, etc., in time, even in a Ferrari, much less our Fit, Mini, or any of our moto-harem.  

Regrets and best wishes to all.  We look forward to the pix and tales.


P.S. I showed this to Kathi after I launched it, and she said "WHO IS THAT?" ... meaning the Cubanos.  Naturally, I lied and said "That's another reason we just could not go, Dear; I was appalled."  :grin:



You'll be missed. 

I was going to press you pretty hard to buy the Ballabio this year

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Six weeks out and probably time to get the serious talk out of the way. :nerd:  Then we can return to our regularly scheduled BS . . . :grin:

Concerns over considerate distancing and appropriate face covering persist. Beyond looking out for yourself and one another, let's be especially considerate of our innkeepers. They have to be in close proximity to folks from all over and often in the close space of their front desk.  Let's just please be aware that a face covering and a bit of distance will be a kindness toward Walt and his good folks at The Lodge.

No breakfast is being served because of the very close space downstairs.  Let's all plan accordingly. Even our usual evening pizza-fest should be given some thought and care.

Otherwise, there is that whole thing about this not being an *event*, but simply an idea.  Most of you have heard all this before, but perhaps worth clicking the link, especially if this "idea" of a SpineRaid is a new thing for you . . .



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Good luck guys.  Be safe, stay healthy.   I know all my travel plans have fallen through this year.  Haven't even taken my travel trailer out, no overnight travel, no concerts, no races.

Just riding the bikes on day trips, learning how to garden again and enjoying the BBQ grill.  Maybe a cigar and a scotch or two.

I'd really like to go.

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I've been looking over my TechPrep on the Sport for the SpineRaid: two months and about two thousand miles. :luigi:  Got some good things done, made a few discoveries, and got snuck up on that once . . . :huh:

Down to to a rear tire (I don't want to be THAT guy, again! :blush: ) and staving off the Waddington Effect. :race:

Four weeks out!

Cheers, y'all!   :bier:

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