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Leaking fuel cap


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Original bike was a 1979 Suzuki GS425.

Front forks / wheel are from a 1970s Honda 350 (fender installed backwards); not sure about the triple trees.

Hand hammered aluminum tank and tail section.

Everything copper or brass plated.

Rear turn signals and brake light are brass nozzles from an HVAC cooling tower, with LEDs inserted.

That's about it, I think...:-)




[edit: docc copied image location.]

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Just a quick note for anyone looking for a replacement rubber fuel cap gasket, for V11 models using the Zadi fuel cap.
My 2004 V11 LeMans Cora Nero has a Zadi fuel cap.  The cast aluminum base of the fuel cap assembly also says 'Acerbis' on the casting.
The rubber ring that seals the cap was missing, allowing fuel to seep out through the closed cap when the tank was full...a nuisance to say the least.
I learned Moto Guzzi does not list this part separately, they only list the entire fuel cap assembly...if you can get it, for many hundreds of $$.
Some determined digging found an aftermarket rubber gasket made to fit Zadi caps, but all the listings I found for it do NOT mention fitting Guzzis, only Aprilia or Triumph or KTM models.
Based on photographs, the caps looked just like my Guzzi, so I took a chance and ordered one.  I am very happy to say this IS the correct part, it fit my fuel cap perfectly, and solved the problem instantly.  Easy to install.
Here is the link for a USA-based Pacific Northwest supplier:
Here is the link to the manufacturer in Italy:
Here is a link to some pics, helping me determine it looks the same as the Guzzi cap:
I hope this helps somebody else, and saves a bunch of searching!!
Happy trails,
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