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Dusty Cedar Vale National Rall in May 6 - 9


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  • 3 weeks later...

I think Leroy was the only Spiney that made it.  I took my Duc.  Report to follow.


I saw friends I hadn't seen in a couple of years. It was the Wild Guzzi Rally in the Kansas Flint Hills. I took my travel trailer and the Supersport. A couple of the guys own Ducs, one a '90s vintage SS. Big sky country. Steep but gentle hills. We had catered, pot luck Thurs-Fri and a fish fry on Saturday. About 60 folks from as far away as Cali, KY and WI. And all the neighboring states. The wind blew like hell. Temps went from the high 40s to the mid 80s. Hot and very cold wind. Most of us had our shots and a few more shots & beer there, even a little garden goodness.

I suppose the strangest thing was a group of "stars" that moved across the SW to NE horizon. One, then another until about 20 were filling the horizon and kept going, like a train, one after the other. In order, until the horizon was full. Like a train or an ant path. I guessed maybe 50 from horizon to horizon moving NE until gone over 5 minutes. Transfixed with drink and smoke, we couldn't take a picture or even tell anyone. (There is an explanation but I'll leave it for now and the reader to guess *.)

Anyway, folks rode to Tom Mix Museum, Price Tower, Woolarc, Twisted Oz MC Museum, etc.  Sorry posting photos too hard.  





* OK, Elon Musk Sky Link   (from horizon to horizon for 5 minutes until 60 satellite had passed)  (and we were ripped in the first place)



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12 hours ago, LowRyter said:

So Paul, assume you made it home on the "hot" Norge?

Thanks John...yes indeed.  Figured out after all of the suggestions that the problem wasn’t the muffler per se but I was running a little restricted on the right side.  Halfway thru the return trip I adjusted the air bleed screw by a bit on the right hand side throttle body and all of a sudden the bikes mileage and response came back to normal.  No baffle sound, normal heat, smooth acceleration, no longer felt like it was restricted or breathing hard.  

Will get it on Guzzidiag in a few weeks when I’m back from Colorado and go thru it thoroughly to see if anything else popped up.  After that adjustment the ride back was just perfect...

but the hardest part of the whole trip was the crazy wind...I got seriously wind burnt after 1400 miles...just crazy.  Felt like I was wearing out tires while riding straight as often times I was leaned over quite a bit against the wind.

was great to see you again, enjoyed our fire side chats!!



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It's sorta perplexing, usually lean condition runs hot but usually give more power.  In your case we were running rich, lost power but running really hot?  I guess I'm in a constant state of mechanical confusion regarding understanding the IC engine. 

But you're saying there were no leak in the pipe that burned your saddlebag and were running rich as well?

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I’ve decided to let Mike and Davey at MPH take a look just to make sure I’m not overlooking anything...but no leaks on the exhaust and the baffling noise completely went away with this adjustment...unless there is something else I have missed.  The bike ran great for the last 300 miles when I made the adjustment, got my mileage back, power back, all normal.  

a little bizarre I admit...we’ll see if they find anything else...I’ve never had a pipe’s exhaust burn a hole in the pannier before so we’re in uncharted territory!

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