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MGS01 - good video


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1 hour ago, po18guy said:

 And, since the term bragadoccio is Italian, one can figure that it was at the crank, on a cool day, with avgas, on a slightly out of certification dyno and with refreshments from nearby Peroni.


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On 6/4/2021 at 1:26 PM, po18guy said:

One in a similar state had migrated to Seattle, WA. As of last year, it was advertised for $55,000. I see that they still have it and have deeply discounted it to 50K asking. It has apparently been serviced and ridden a short distance.


That bike got the discount because originally it came with a complete set of carbon fiber spare bodywork. That ended up being sold separately.

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On 6/4/2021 at 10:03 AM, docc said:

Makes me wonder how they got 122 hp out of a 95 hp motor . . .

Seems the "modification" to the V11 6speeder gearbox was the CNC machined billet rear plate that mounts the swingarm and replaces the frame side plates of the other SpineFrames.

Also makes me wonder how the Spine is attached to the driveline on the MGS-01. More than just the very front of the engine and the very back of the gearbox?

Yeah. Like Scud said, but it's a bit hard to figure out from pics - maybe this helps, this is what the rear gearbox plate and bottom end of the frame look like. And the gearbox reinforcement truss. (I thought I scored one from DeAgo a couple of months ago, but it was bad inventory. Dammit!)

Connection points are the welded, integral arms at the front, the gearbox plate like Sports and early V11s, the V11-style gearbox front mount, and the MGS01-only gearbox rear plate  mount. In this pic the set of bolt holes ahead of the ones for the rear plate are the ones that fit to the normal top mount on the V11 box.

Jens at Dynotec isn't a fan of this set-up; he says it's not stiff enough and breaks gearboxes and is the main reason the road bike never happened. Any MGS owners had that experience?

MGS01 gearbox back plate.jpg

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