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Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas - 2021 edition - Repository -


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Stop #25 to #35 of 50; Houston to Bowie. Etapes 17, 18, 06, 33, 39, 08, 01, 47, 48, 49.

This did not go as planned, since I was supposed to complete the 50 stops on this run, scheduled 11/12/13/14 of November. Nevertheless, I did the minimum 25 stops to qualify as a tour finisher.

I got off to a late start on November 11th, which forced me to overnight at Gladewater. I don't ride at night for safety.

On 12th morning, the Le Mans did not crank as per post in the technical thread. The bike eventually started, but I decided to cut the trip short, not knowing the nature of the problem which I got a repeat of the following morning in Cleburne.


  • Fantastic ride.
  • Moto Liberty Motorcycle equipment store in Addison
  • Jump start request through my insurer happened pretty smoothly


  • Guzzi failed to crank after cold stacking for the night
  • Bitten by bed bugs in a cheapo hotel in Cleburne
  • Forced to cut the trip short.

Run #3 revisedroad book revised

Stop 17 and 18 at Gladewater that I had missed on the previous outing to Paris.

The Gladewater museum and the Oil rig

Stop 18 Gladewater Museum


Stop 17 Oil Derrick in Gladewater

Stop #6; Moto Liberty Addison;

I watched the MotoGP qualifications; I recommend this shop as all the employees are hyper nice!

Stop 6 Moto Liberty Addison Tx

Pop Quiz:

Who can tell the brand of the car photographed below?

Daiahatsu Mira frontDaiahatsu Mira back

Stop #33, Santa Fe Building in Gainesville.

In many of the towns I visited, you find the remains of what was once a very dense and active railway covering. Gainesville was too a major hub, which former glory resides in books and records.

Since "fast trains" exists almost everywhere, one cannot help but wonders why the USA did not use the technology to offer an alternative to planes;

Stop 33 Santa Fe Museum GainesvillePlaque Santa Fe depot Gainesville

Stop 39, the illustrious Bowie knife in Bowie:

No, nothing to do with David Bowie, just in case you wondered. The Bowie Knife is actually a well established genre. Follow the link if you don't know about Jim Bowie and the knife which he gave his name to.

Stop 39 Bowie knife BowieDSCF0802DSCF0800

Stop 8, Bus Mural at Cleburne:

But before that, I am going to spend the night in a flea infested motel. I did not pick the place, but it was getting dark, and I do not ride during the night, for safety. I got awakened at 3:00 AM as my neighbor threw his girlfriend out of their room, and she banged on the door while yelling expletives at him. I learned a few words that I did not know existed.

But this is the morning when the Guzzi refused categorically to crank.... the night had been cold, as the photo show. The seat and the seat cowl are iced.

Fortunately, my insurance managed to find assistance on a Sunday morning. A quick jump start and I was on my way to haul the mail. By the way, the battery was fine. That the starter cranked with the jump is still a mystery. I have reproduced the problem at home, and I have a few videos that I will post in the appropriate thread.

DSCF0805Stop 8 Mural Cleburne

Stop 1, Hico sign, at Hico;

You are supposed to be the "i", but I did not find anybody to take a picture of me holding the dot while on the bike.


Stop 1 Hico sign Hico

The last three stops of the tour at Coleman: 47,48,49

The failed starts broke the momentum and I decided to go back to Houston after those last three stops.

Stop 47 Harbord Kourt ColemanStop 48 Chamber of Commerce ColemanStop 49 Sinclair Gas Station Coleman


This concludes my 2021 Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas;

I felt bad that I did not complete the 50 stops. Next year, I will be able to start earlier and hopefully, my cranking issue will be fixed.

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Woud that be pick up music :rasta:, I think one more IPA.

Cheers Tom.

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I'm the Highway Patrol, the Highway Patrol,
my hours are long, and my pay is low.
But I'll do my best to keep you driving slow,
I'm just a-doin' my job, I'm The Highway Patrol.





Texas might be not me that extreme now.

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