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Craving Mutton in September 2021?

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I sent the following around a few days ago as an email to some “usual suspects."

Decided to post it as a thread on some Guzzi websites in case I missed someone.  These “Mutton Runs” are always a highlight of my motorcycling year, and I think that anyone who has to been to one agrees.  

Let me know if interested, though there is no effort to make it a group ride … well, except possibly on Sunday morning to the picnic itself.  I might need to alert the parish lest they think Hollister 1947 has morphed into Whitesville 2021!   :D

Three Guzzisti have already indicated a desire to leave from here, another will meet us along the way, and several others have said they will meet us in Owensboro. 




Well, there are several ways to sate that mutton urge, e.g., have some delivered to your door; see https://www.moonlite.com.  We’ve done that ourselves.  Mmmmmutton. :food:

But, a more fun way is to ride your motorcycle to Daviess County, Kentucky, and smack your lips at the biennial picnic at St. Mary of the Woods in Whitesville on Sunday, 26 September 2021.

This will be a return to the great picnics of old after three Covid-cancelled or modified “drive-thru” events.

Several getting this have been on previous “mutton runs” over the years.  Those lucky folks know what it’s all about.

If, OTOH, you have no clue about this and want to know more — and, heck, if you are still reading this, you must care at some level however small :rolleyes:  — take a look at one or more of these slideshows.

May 2016 - https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Men-Motorcycles-Mutton/n-GRNH7j/

May 2018 - https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Mutton-Running-May-2018/n-dHftGV/

Sep 2018 - https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Muttoning-Sept-2018/n-7HZKSL/

May 2019 - https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Mutton-Run-2019-/n-9V3j52

I plan to leave home on Thursday, 23 September, RON somewhere — Maysville, if doable — then RON at the Holiday Inn Riverfront in Owensboro, “in 24, out 27 September (Monday);" https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/us/en/owensboro/owbdt/hoteldetail

Owensboro has lots of other lodging available.  See, e.g.,https://tinyurl.com/Yellow-Banks-Lodging

The plan is to take (something like!) this route (from here, anyway), tho this may be of the “Bridge Too Far” sort of plan: 


The route includes a cameo on the second day at the Kentucky Guzzi rally near Frankfort.

We usually stop only for fueling (the Guzzis and a quick snack), hydration, bladder maintenance, and occasional overlooks, compelling photo opps, and some historical markers (my personal flaw!).  In other words, no leisurely Italian lunches followed by Riposo! 

We travel almost exclusively on tertiary back roads, and only hit major roads or the slab if WAY behind or to avoid trafficky city centers, tho places like Lees Lick and the like have little traffic unless the daily freight rolls through!

Return routing to Cross Junction TBD.

Questions? Ask.

Let me know if you are interested in joining me on all, part, or meeting me along the way of this motorcycle curve-carving, culinary, and corn-sipping* trek. 


* Yes, it is possible that some a-maizing liquid will be tested, tasted, & toasted!  :drink:

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