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Gas reserve "amber" light; does the intensity increase as you deplete the reserve?


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1 hour ago, ScottMc said:

I just got back from filling it up for the first time really looking at the numbers and got 41.5 mpg.  Which from reading what you are saying seems about average.  Good to know.

Nice report, @ScottMc! Thanks for chiming in!

I'd say 41.5 mpgUS is on the high side of average for a V11.  Although, 40-ish is not uncommon with a very steady throttle and no repetitive (rich cycle) restarts or cold temperatures.

Surefire formula for reducing your fuel economy? Ride like docc : go out looking for tight, twisty roads to row the gears, drive hard out of the corners, blip the throttle on the downshifts, storm the straights = 36.5.

At the current cost of premium fuel, that difference in fuel usage costs me $17.65US for 1,000 miles of riding.

:grin:     SOLD! :race:

(Of course, I also have to save up for tires and brakes . . . :blink: )


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Some questions raised in this thread about "wasted fuel", tank capacity, and how the older and newer tanks differ may be partially answered in the threads below.


And as pointed out, the incandescent dash indicator and warning lights can all be changed to LED without any modification, except for the low fuel light.  One either has to leave the fuel warning bulb as incandescent, or apparently per a reply above the LED can be wired in parallel with the low fuel incandescent bulb for the bias between the bulb and thermistor in the fuel level detector to continue working properly.  Although I then have to assume one loses the gradual brightening effect of the incandescent warning bulb.  I changed mine all out to LED except the fuel warning bulb, which I left incandescent.  It doesn't light that often or for very long, so I would assume that bulb should last forever.






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