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Looking for a Norge.


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Got it in my mind that I "need" a Norge. Prefer a bronze 2v but open to others. Test rode one today, the seller thought it looked so good with me riding it he decided to keep it :bike:

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55 minutes ago, docc said:

I went looking for an image of the "bronze" Norge. Is it this (what we V11ers might call "champagne)?


That is gorgeous! :food:

You cannot call anything "Champagne" unless it comes from that French region.

The non trade name is "Bubbly"...

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11 minutes ago, Scud said:

Maybe get a ride on a Stelvio before you make your final decision. Otherwise, good luck with the search - that's a nice color on the Norge.

Also came in "bronze?"


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Do remember that because of its limitations the 2V motor in the early Norges is handicapped a bit because of its 76HP power output. Don't get me wrong, it's plenty, but when you're trying to overtake and misjudge, even dropping two gears won't work miracles because the engine runs out of puff and pushing that huge fairing through the air takes a lot of energy.

The bodywork on the 2V models is also fragile and stupidly complex and you really need to cut a hole in the LH lower to enable you to check the oil!

Due to the factory stuffing up the top end on the early 8V's they are cursed by Internet paranoia. Certainly it was a huge screw up but from mid 2012 all motors had roller tappets and are as bulletproof as the 2V's but offer 22+ more HP in stock trim, easily increased to 100 with a decent map and more torque everywhere. The bodywork is much improved and more robust and they kindly put a 'Door' in the fairing to check the oil!

As with all CARC bikes the swingarm bearings and shock linkages will need greasing and due to its big frontal area and fairing the steering head bearings will have probably taken a beating as well. Expect to have to change them out.

Generally the CARC series bikes are very reliable once a few things have been taken care of. If you want more info? Feel free to PM me. I am the '8V Evangelist' but I don't sneer at the earlier 2V versions.


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