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Royal Enfield "Continental GT 650" gentlemen rider's championship; in France only though....

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The French importer of the Royal Enfield motorcycles is organizing a "low cost" championship for those would be amateur racers, or as they put it: "gentlemen riders".

What a nice initiative! obviously, you still have to invest a little bit to participate, since you need to install a specific racing kit on your Continental GT, 2000 EUR. But the total cost to participate to all races is 1,400 EUR, or 200/300 EUR if you only want to do one, which you can...

Have a look at the kitted Continental GT 650... looks almost as good as a Le Mans, no? unfortunately, the kit is only available to those who subscribe to the event as it says in the top photos here below.

I like the spirit of that competition; old gizzards getting together for a mano a mano....


Here's the announcement from Moto.it

Royal Enfiled Continental GT kit

Royal Enfield Continental GT kit 2Royal Enfield Continental GT kit white



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16 hours ago, Chris Wilson said:

How can two different race bikes be number 21?

Is the whole field numbered 21?:D



All the adhesives come with the kit that you purchase when you elect to participate; this is why you also see SIMA (Royal Enfield distributor in France) Ipone, Continental..

The 21 adhesive was most likely included. In any case, the individual number does not mean much any longer. All the classification is done via the transponders. The number is just there so the public has a chance to understand who went into the gravel trap.

The last time I was at a racing track, I could not even read the number because of the speed.

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