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V100 Le Mans and Sport imagined by designer Oberdan Bezzi;


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I have been keeping my ears to the ground in the hope to get some update on a possible V100 Mandello release and.... nothing. Moto Guzzi (Piaggio) has made public their price list for the 2022 models, the usual V7 and V85TT; Nothing about the V100 which reinforces my idea the V100 may not even come out in 2022.

However, the well known Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi came up with a few ideas which could possibly be an inspiration to Piaggio; what do you think?

Moto Guzzi V100 Le MansMoto Guzzi V100 Sport


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Overall, an interesting pair of designs. The lines are bit too sharp and angular for my personal tastes. I like the monoposto look, but assume any production vehicle would have a passenger seat and pegs, which would cause some design changes.

So is this kind of the return of the spine frame? Form the looks of it, it would seem that the red subframe could be a separate part. And there must be a some sort of sub-frame at the front of the engine, which is not red in this design.

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While I hope Guzzi does come out with a modern Lemans / V11, neither of those two would do it for me. Too angular, to busy. I would rather something more Italian looking, something with fewer lines but the lines it has are right.

But happy if Guzzi comes out with a new big block, as the current small block doesn't do it for me (never mind that we own one).

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33 minutes ago, bobL said:

A end of year is the expected release $16k base $19k for upgrades.

European release, then The States the following year(ish) . . . ?

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