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MotoGP Docuseries will start showing on Amazon Prime from March 14th, 2022.

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If you are a prime member, Amazon will release its MotoGP Docuseries from March 14th.

The documentary will have several shows of 50 minutes each. It is not known if all the shows will be available from the initial release or if they are going to be spaced out in time.

The show was shot in 2021, and will center around Fabio Quartararo and Francesco Bagnaia chasing the world championship, Valentino Rossi's retirement, and Marc Marquez' recovery from injury.

This is something Dorna wanted as the equivalent Netflix show for Formula 1 brought a lot of audience back into watching F1 Grand-Prix. Personally, I stopped watching Formula 1 after Michael Schumacher torpedoed Damon Hill to prevent him from winning the world championship on the last race. A bit like the Prost versus Senna affair, only there, Michael was leading the race, damaged his car irremediably, came back on track while he should have simply parked, and managed to ran into Damon Hill. Michael Schumacher should have been disqualified, but there was no proof of intent, even if he had no business being on the racing line with a car unable to race.

Anyway, back to the topic; here's the trailer!


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