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MotoGP 2022 season: pre-season group photo gathering video (free offering from MotoGP.com)

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Here's the link to the video; if I remember well, MotoGP does not allow embedding. This is a three hours long video; as LowRyter would put it, some of us have too much time in their hands.

A few highlights;

-Fabio Quartararo was very chatty with many pilots. That he is fluent in Italian and Spanish probably helps.

-Marc Marquez was spotted examining the other bikes during the "freeze frame". He was a gentleman accepting taking shots with the "little people" of the MotoGP. Nice!

-Dovizioso was invited by a rider to check out the new Ducati; however he declined when noticing he was being filmed...

No, I don't care for MotoGP; I just enjoy the social stuff.

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P6X, If you make it to MotoGP race weekend, take note of the schedule.  You might see the riders' group photo, usually at the start line on Friday morning.  Sometimes there is a Q & A with the competitors and principals, although I saw that at Indy but not COTA.  I usually take my photos on Friday practice when I get a good view of the bikes on the stairways and not get run off by the COTA goons.  Unfortunately COTA doesn't allow a picnic or cooler, camping, RV and hotels are ridiculously expensive.  The only good thing I can say about going to Austin is that it's day's ride I have a great route there.  The beef BBQ is good in the small towns.


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I used to go to Austin for week-ends before the notorious technology companies decided to congregate there. I have seen how it affected the cost of living there. I no longer go. I also attended the SXSW each year.

As far as conviviality, in the 70's you could actually talk to the pilots. Barry Sheene used to remember my name as he was seeing me around. I spoke to many of the pilots, including Giacomo Agostini when he was still racing.

Today pilots are never alone when they walk through the paddock, they are recluse in their motor-homes, I feel bad watching the fans begging for crumbs of attention.

I had a real conversation with Jack Findlay!:sun: I can't imagine doing the same any longer.

The MotoGP guys are like eels nowadays, very slippery. :D


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