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So I bought another bike today....

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When I was at the dealership looking at Husqvarna's I was amazed at the cool electric bikes they had. Being they were also a dealer for KTM and Gas Gas they had a few really cool electric dirt bikes. I would absolutely love to have one. I do love internal combustion, but electric power isn't without advantages. The instant torque they have is addictive. And the convenience is a huge advantage to me nowadays, I just don't have enough free time. If I live long enough to retire I have plenty of internal combustion projects lined up waiting for time. Having something that is turn key / push button simple is not always a bad thing. 

At Supercross races they race a kids race on KTMs. All the kids are on the same spec KTM bike. It used to be little two strokes, but now the KTMs are electric. The kids still seem to enjoy it. And it is just as much fun to watch.

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On 3/19/2022 at 9:00 PM, footgoose said:

Very nice! Remember the Vroom Motor?



Oh lord, I had one of those.

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I didn't but my dad traded his 2018 Kawasaki Z900rs in on a 2022 MG V7 Special 850 at the KY Guzzi Rally. After riding it yesterday, I was surprised how civil the 850 "small block" ran.  With little buzz and plenty of torque to make speed, I also like the blue color of this model. :thumbsup:  Dad is a spritely 78yr old, loves to ride when he can, this will be his first Guzzi. :sun:



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1 hour ago, fotoguzzi said:

Better late than never! Or, it’s about time dad🙂 

It's about time!  He's owned about 12 motorcycles, first Guzzi. :2c:

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Wow, very nice choice by your Dad.

I'm familiar with that blue color.

The camera angle and light, don't do it justice, that's absolutely one of the best stock colors I have ever seen on anything,simply gorgeous.


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  • 8 months later...

Nicole & I rode to Chattanooga to pick up our new 2023 Indian Pursuit Darkhorse w Premium package which includes electronically adjustable Fox hydraulic rear shock preload thru the infotainment screen. Rode like a dream two up, first 300+ are in the books first day. Looks good parked next to the Rosso. :helmet:




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