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Riding Breeches / Riding Jeans?

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I am late to the thread: I always wear motorcycle proof (read fall forgiving) pants.

I have purchased Alpinestar jeans including knee and hip protection.

I considered cargo pants sand colored because the jeans are stuffy in the Texas heat.

The Alpinestar jeans are slightly elastic, making them easier to close when you indulge too much in brisket like I do.

I used to wear non motorcycle jeans back when my hands did not shake. I did take a fall and I slid on a rugged surface that turned my backside into raw ground beef. After that I always wore pants that would resist abrasion.


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last time i fell off i was wearing a pair of Bull-It covec sr6 jeans, which held up perfectly.  They’re not expensive either.  
I wasn’t going very fast though, maybe hit the road at about 35-40mph, but couldn’t fault them- normal denim would’ve left me with holes in my knees and hip i reckon.

Sadly the bike was fooked 🙁

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Just a follow up. 

I did purchase some riding jeans from New Enough. Got some Cortech brand "Primary Riding Jeans" on close out for 55% off. This was a their former top of the line stuff.

Limited sizing. So far pretty comfy, a little big and long. I can roll up the cuffs and stuff my shirt inside and tighten the belt.   Heavy jeans with with blended Kevlar in the fabric, heavy threading and knee/hips armor cups.  Claimed to be 500% more abrasion resistant than jeans. 

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I purchased a stretch belt from WalMart and have a great fit with room to stuff in heavier shirts.  The pants are comfy, a little warm in the sun walking around but seem to shield some of the considerable Ducati engine heat in traffic.    I did a good amount of cleaning and chain adjustment on my knees working on the driveway on the bike and the jeans were quite comfy, the stretchy belt did it's job.  I have some armor that I'm going to trim to insert in the internal pockets.  

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I lucked into a bargain on a Rukka suit on Kijiji.

The pants portion are well armoured and functioned well with the expandable velcro belt, but making use of the quality buttons and adapting a strong set of suspenders to them made a huge difference in comfort and being able to tuck in whatever warm layers I needed to underneath.

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I have a couple of pairs of Israeli made Brosh riding jeans, and two pair of their "cool pants" cargo pants. Brosh uses removable Kevlar panels in the hip/buttock area and T-Pro knee armor. Unless you are really tall, they fit nicely. The jeans are armored jeans, simple enough, but the cargo pants are more useful and cooler in the heat. They really believe in the Kevlar and are great folks to work with.



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