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Any + and - ,, anybody with a V4 Strada S ? Only 60miles today between shovers, will see. Looks like shit to my V11. Most likely a fun transport piece.

Cheers T.




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14 hours ago, Tomchri said:

Looks like shit to my V11

This is true for any other motorcycle. I never appreciated the stiff angular cuts of the Multistrada. I am sure it is an excellent motorcycle to ride though...

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Is that the Sport livery? I borrowed a V4S MS for a weekend and thought it was a pretty fine machine. The radar blind spot warning lights and the assisted cruise control is awesome. I can’t wait until someone comes up with accessory radar stuff to be added to any bike. There is a lot to love about the bike. Long valve adjustment intervals, great power and very smooth and easy to ride, you can hammer it like a superbike and it will step up, or ride it like a very nimble two-up touring bike. I did not take it off road. A few very good riders have told me it’s the best bike they have ever owned or ridden. It was very nice, but didn’t totally blow my mind like all the hype set me up for. I might try a Stelvio just because I am prejudiced toward Guzzis and want  one of the 8v motors, but I am a Guzzi fanatic more than a Ducati fan, and I think most reasonable people will find the V4 Multistrada to be way superior to the Stelvio or GS. I don’t say V85 because that is not in the full size adventure bike class as the others. The KTM 1290 may be the best if you are big bike true adventure riding and not just touring around or staying on asphalt canyons.


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It’s the V4S. Doesn’t feel like 170hp, but eats fuel like 270hp. And she invites to sporty riding. 4000rpm is the lowest she will except.  Instrument panel will start to show signs of vibration under 4k and yes you can feel it. BUT what a bike.

 Cheers Tom.

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