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European Parliament signed the end of the thermal engine to 2035

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The bill approved by the European parliament does not mention two wheeled vehicles.

The plan is to be carbon neutral by 2055, and to reduce current emissions to 55% of the levels of 1990 by 2030.

I doubt I will still be alive to witness the change, and in any case, it is just Europe, taking measures no other countries has done; at least so far.

While I was travelling to Kingsville, I noticed that Buc-ee's has Testla chargers installed at their Wharton location.

While I could probably accept to use an electric car, I would rather not ride a motorbike if it was not powered by internal combustion engine.

MotoGP has committed to start using mixtures with 40% synthetic fuels from 2024 to reach 100% in 2027. Maybe eFuels are the future for Motorcycles? currently around $5.00 for one liter, it is not cheap.

I have been musing with the idea to get rid of my Porsche 911, to replace by an Smart EV. Now that I am using my Le Mans for everything that requires a vehicle, it is just gathering dust. That is, if you want to get rid of the fun factor. Driving a Porsche 911 with a mechanical gear box is still pleasing.

Any of you tried an electric motorcycle?

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1 hour ago, p6x said:


Any of you tried an electric motorcycle?

I have. I test rode the H-D Livewire, and I quite liked it.  That said, I would not trade my Guzzi for it, and in general I wouldn't consider it a replacement for IC engines. 
Different and complimentary, but not equal.

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Heartburn rise to level yellow, just thinking about EV. Your foot wear budget will be sky rocking, pipe budget, ++ just walking around waiting for the bloody EV to get filled up with nuclear electricity. I better stop :bier:.

 Cheers Tom 

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2 hours ago, p6x said:

The bill approved by the European parliament does not mention two wheeled vehicles.

The plan is to be carbon neutral by 2055, and to reduce current emissions to 55% of the levels of 1990 by 2030

1. So, how are they going to fly to their meetings?

2. Where does the electricity come from?

3. The less law made, the better.

4. No way the Italians will sign on to this.

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@Tomchri is in probably the most advanced country along that road in Europe with a large number wind turbines and a huge take up in electric vehicles. I know Norway isn't in the EU.

As I recall if that's approved then all the countries in the block need to agree as each has a veto, so if it has gone through then Italy has agreed to it

Just checked it's the end of sales of petrol and deisel vehicles by 2035 a different thing altogether and it has still to be ratified by individual countries lawyers and ministers, so not quite a done deal anyway.

Germany is in for a lot of pain as it's huglely dependent on gas and even coal.

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Physics is observed by science. It is not defined by legislators, ergo physics is not wishful thinking, being bound by reality. Legislators are clearly wishful thinkers, but divorced from reality.

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I have no plans to get rid of my internal combustions Guzzi's. Well, maybe the Griso. I just don't have enough time and room for all of them. But I could see buying an electric motorcycle. The performance could easily surpass what my Guzzi's can do.

A few years ago we had to replace our car, and even back then it made sense to buy an electric vehicle as within a few years the electric car would prove cheaper to own and operate. And that was without knowing that gas was going to surpass $5 a gallon. We feel like a genius. Nailed that one. It is clear that the days of internal combustion engines are numbered. They are just too inefficient. But I suspect they will still be around for a good while. Just because they stop selling them new some point in the future doesn't mean they go away. But they will become less and less common, the same way horse did. Used to be horses were primary transportation power for most people, then along can the ICE powered car. Horses became a luxury item, used for fun. I suspect internal combustion vehicles will go down the same path. With any luck I will live to see it.

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Yeah, I hit a milestone today.. put $21 in fuel in the AeroLario. (!) I remember when it seems not too long ago, I was griping about putting $2 in my Duck at Bike week..:oldgit:

Still 190 miles, 3.5 gallons is a fair amount of riding. I've spent more for less fun. :huh2:

Oh, I feel like Kreskin, too.. ordering a Tesla last summer.

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Changes are coming. So far, I have only invested in electric bicycles, which are nice way to do some short trips. My wife and I go out to dinner on them, and occasional trips to the store for small purchases. Almost bought a hybrid Subaru a while back, but it just seemed stupid to pay so much more to have two motors and a battery to maintain, coupled with the reduced the cargo space and eliminated spare tire (all to make room for the battery and such).

I just took delivery on what will likely be my last gas-powered car (I assume gas-powered motorcycles will continue to "cycle" through the garage for a while.) I put my $100 deposit down on a Ford Bronco almost two years ago, and waited through all the production delays for all the options I wanted. It's rated at 17MPG, with a 2.7L turbo. That's only marginally better than the MPG I get on my F250 with a 7.3L gas motor. I recently paid $200 for gas at one stop (empty truck and empty dirt bike in the bed).

So... The Stelvio continues to be my primary form of transportation when I am going alone. And I notice that the majority of cars and trucks are occupied by one person. I think we should make every new driver spend a year on a motorcycle before they get a license to drive a car. Imagine the national savings on fuel and resources devoted to roads and parking if just 50% of single-occupant car trips were replaced by motorcycle or scooter trips. And people would start noticing motorcycles when they drive their cars.

Ok - so that solves everything. Thanks for reading. :grin:

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My grandchildren will look back at my generation and say "Can you believe they burned things for energy?"

So my next car will be battery electric. The technology is mature and durable.

We have known since the 1970s that this day is coming. NASA gives us proof:


Carbon Dioxide | Vital Signs – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet (nasa.gov)

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