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European Parliament signed the end of the thermal engine to 2035

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I see my post could be read in different ways. What I hoped to say is that, if you are driving that HemiCuda, you should post it on our "Cars...(what do you drive ?)" thread:


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On 6/12/2022 at 7:07 AM, LowRyter said:

I've never heard so much whining over the threat of progress regarding clean, efficient and fast transportation

Gees I haven't seen a Pinto, Duster, Olds Diesel, K-car, or Chevette on the streets in 20 years.    Who says they really miss them?  But if you want keep one of these marvelous contraptions in your garage 40 years from now, I don't think anyone would stop you.  

Absolutely sterile and devoid of soul. No wait! They can have the stereo make Geo Metro three-cylinder noises!

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