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Are these Caruso gears singing the opera?


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I learned to love the sound of gear drive cams in the late 60s. Drag racing cars, then Nascar at a short track I worked at. At about the 2:05 point and later, the siren song can be heard. Bike must be fast as it appears to have melted the fairing around the rider. :rolleyes:


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8 hours ago, docc said:

It never occurred to me the gear whine might be most noticeable on the overrun, engine braking . . . :food:

I'd put my money on the gearbox for the whine. Gear mesh is obviously different on the drive and overrun faces and so a gearbox can "whine" in one direction and be silent on the other. My car whines at a specific speed in second gear on the overrun but not on the gas. These Dynotec bikes don't use steel cam gears but aluminium. They don't want the weight of steel gears for racing. Thats what Joe tells me.


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My Sporti has the straight cut gearbox, which is generally considered a curse.

I love the sound it makes though, at times it's louder than the engine.

I've been through the box and everything is good, so far, it's just the noise it makes.

As Phil said, sounds to me like he's off the throttle and the gears are running on the other face, if I was a gambling man, I'd put my money on the gearbox.

The Sporti also has Joe's gears they don't (to my ear anyway) make anything like that sort of din

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