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2003 MG V11 Coppa Italia?


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21 hours ago, GuzziMoto said:

I would have thought by now someone would have posted a pic of an actual Coppa Italia

I am a fan of the Coppa Italia, and regret that while I came close to getting one I wasn't able to. It was one of my favorite parts bin special versions of the V11. The bike for sale does look to have the correct pork chops in the metallic red anodized color, and is that a frame mount front fairing? Not sure. Doesn't look like it. But the lack of Ohlins (or Nohlins as po18guy said so well), along with the lack of the fancy paint job, mean that ain't what they say it is. At $6,000 that is too much money for a V11 in that shape. That is 5 lbs of shit for the price of 10.


This version is beautiful w/Ohlins and the non-crinkle engine paint. 

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On 7/19/2022 at 11:17 PM, docc said:


"Pretty", but less-than-ideal-for-tuning intake filters/"pods" in place of the factory airbox makes one wonder how the "side covers" have been remounted. (Someone saw to it that they are!)



In case anyone is curious how one might have pods but retain the side covers, which are normally bolted to the now-removed airbox; see the following thread where I cut up an airbox and used the portion to which the side-covers affix, then built a simple frame from aluminum bar stock to mount it to the bike. 


Along with the aesthetic aspect (love it or hate it is fine ;) ), this approach also may help with the issue of rain saturation that some pod users have noted by providing some modicum of protection from the elements.


This may not be for everyone, but is one approach.



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