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1100 Sport f/s on FB yellow


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I think you have to be a FB member for the link to work? 
here’s the copy from the ad

1997 Moto Guzzi Sport · Driven 9,400 miles Sport 1100i. Excellent condition. This is the year fuel injection eliminated stiff throttle. Fully serviced and ready to ride. Helibars Handlebar conversion New clutch New rear seals New tires New mirrors New battery New crankcase breather hose Header crossover 

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28 minutes ago, red lion said:

New clutch at 9400 miles ?

Wow. I remember that guy talking about that, but not the details. I thought that was "concerning", as well.

There was something about this bike coming to him from a significant relationship, IIRC.  I wish I remembered more about the brief encounter. I am sure this is the same bike. I could be wrong, but how could there be any others near here so identical . . .



I cannot say this is the same bike as listed.

I recall being impressed by the bike and the story (one year ago, August 2021) . . .

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You have to join the Moto Guzzi’s for sale FB group to see it.

new clutch needed when a seal failed and oiled the clutch, he said. That sounded perfectly reasonable to me.

id be interested if it was more like 3 hours away instead of 13.

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