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V11 Misfire when hot on low throttle only - advice please


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I guess it's normal to join a forum when searching for a solution to a problem - I will try to contribute where I'm able to as well!

My 2001 V11 started to misfire, never when cold and always on the over-run / low throttle. Just the occasional miss but consistent in these situations. It's not repetitive enough to work out if it's specific to one cylinder or both. It ticks over fine and runs well on anything above low throttle. 

I have so far, replaced plugs and leads, tried with the power commander out of circuit. Plug colour looks good after running and in all other respects the bike runs fine. 

Also worth mentioning that it started after / soon after I put the bike back together after replacing the clutch. Can't actually recall if it was immediately afterwards. 

Any advice and suggestions gratefully received. 

Cheers, Mike.

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Hi, MikeMetal!

   Well, you have definitely come to a place full of folks that LOVE to figure out what has gone awry with a V11 ! :luigi:

That low throttle mis-fire when hot is a sensitive area for the V11, no doubt.  Any relationship to the clutch work might suggest the throttle linkage got jostled out of synch, or perhaps the regulator is nudging the TPS.

Here is a great way to baseline your tuning parameters:

Keep us in the loop!

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