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Centauro throttle cable too long for casing


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After installing the MPH riser kit on my 2003 Lemans, I had rerouted the stock throttle cable, it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't that bad.

I read about guys using the longer Centauro cable which seemed to be the best solution, so I picked one up from Stein Dinse.

When I'm installing it, the cable itself is too long for the casing, even with the adjuster at the throttle all the way out it's still too loose.

I've had trouble like this before with new cables on my CX100 and I just shimmed it at the ferrule on the carb with some zip tie plastic material.

I don't want to shim the cable near the cam on the throttle in case it pops out,,, I'm thinking of mcgyvering a shim inside the adjusting ferrule up at the throttle, but it wouldn't leave much of the casing inside the adjuster holding it in place.

Is there a work around adjusting the linkage mechanism down at the throttle body, or as I suspect that's a fixed set up that I shouldn't screw around with?

I read a post on someone tightening up loose cables on a twin cable set up, but I wasn't able to find anyone that had modded a single cable set up.

Anyone dealt with this before or have thoughts on correcting it safely?


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Back in the days of flat track and no money (I mean, reheating day old pizza on a licence plate atop the 55gallon drum garage furnace money) we used split-shot sinkers pinched on before the ferrule. Zinc is better than lead. The older smarter guys found copper tubing the right size, split it, pinched it over the cable before the ferrule to the same OD and filled it with solder. For the well-funded and connected, they used to make housing extensions in a few increments of length. 

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Tks PA

I can't remember who posted about shimming the dual cable system, but he used hard plastic washers, split to slide over the cable onto the ferrule end.

On his system 4mm fit, on my single cable a 5mm washer would fit over the ferrule at the throttle body.

A large 1.5-2mm plastic washer jammed inside the adjuster up at the throttle, should help tighten things up, hopefully enough to take up the slack.

After looking at it, there is so much slack, I think I'm going to have to shim both ends, otherwise the cable ferrules may possibly pop out and get stuck; which I've read about here, and I've had that happen on my carbed bike.


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Another possibility, if you're up for the risk, is to move the end ferrule up the cable some. That requires unsoldering and resoldering the ferrule, something that in my experience is not a sure success. 

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Hey PA, Tks for the ideas, but I already have some plastic washers on hand and have to make a trip to the fastening store anyways so I'll be picking up something to use as shims at both ends.

To anyone that happens to be reading this in the future; pay very close attention to a good, tight secure fit on installation that moves freely. While I was dicking around with it, the whole throttle stuck open about 1/2 way for a short time. I "think" it was the big white plastic idle nut? adjustment nut at the end of the throttle threaded linkage that got stuck.

I can understand now why the company  lawyers got involved and insisted on a dual throttle cable system, push/pull,,, open/close on the later models.


fwiw tks very much

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