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A test report for V11 tyres

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Always a tricky topic but I wanted to share this interesting test report from Utac Ceram. A rather top end automotive technical service and independent/inpartial under ISO 17025 accreditation (I am not sure if this test was done under the accreditation).



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Very interesting. It would've been nice to see the normal msrp in the comparison as well.

I noted that the number of timed laps was not consistent between all brands; a true blind test should eliminate all possibilities of partiality.

It would be nice to see a similar test on a bike not equipped with ABS,like all of mine are.

It was reassuring to read that the Conti RA3 didn't activate the ABS at all on the wet braking test. I interpret that as a higher degree of traction. fwiw idk

I can't recall if I've ever ridden on a set of Bridgestones. I "think" I may have removed a set from my V11 that still looked brand new, but the date code was 17 yrs old.

MT, tks very much for posting that link & report, good food for thought.


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I've been extolling the virtues of Contis for some time now. I have Road Attacks on the Skorpion in California, and they are awesome..:thumbsup:

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Tires will always be :drink:, storys,, new kwakker H2 in 72 with bridgestones, WHAT, think I did 70km before swapping to TT 100. Felt like 80% plastic, terrible. Used quite a few set of Conti Sport attack on a 10 K1300S, very good in dry with quite good km's. After  some set of Pirelly Angel GT on my V11, which I think is a great tire, but  when worn out my Dunlop Sport S handles much better when theyre goone. Plenty good tires today when new, but when worn, a prefer the type that behave all the way. So Dunlops for my V11's for now. 

Cheers Tom.


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