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Guzzidiag on a Mac for my CARC bike - Success


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Posting this as I have read about other Guzzista's have issues with loading the software onto a  vintage Macbook running OS High Sierra or OS10.13 and following the very excellent Beetle directions used Reader V28x64 and Writer VO24. I was able to save my original map and reset the TPS from 5.0 to 4.6.  I had no choice of what to set it at, just pushed the start button in the menu.  It took a lot of battery power from the Norge being on but not running for 15 minutes downloading the original map.  I had another stand alone battery plugged into the ECM and now I know why it is recommended.  You don't want to lose connection in the middle of the procedure for obvious reasons.  After resetting the TPS It started up and seem to run S M O O T H E R and idle now then with the out of spec 5.0 setting. When it stops raining I'll take it for a spin.   :grin:

connected to GuzziDiag copy.jpg

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