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Swapping gas tank with another model.


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Hello all ! Happy Friday.

I have a quick question.

I would like to try to mount a V7 ( modern v7 ) gas tank on my V11.

can I use the fuel pump of my V11 inside the v7 tank? Will it fit / work?

asking in case someone been there before me .


also if I wanted to use a gas tank from a carburated Guzzi…. 
can I use the same set up like the California EV ( for example) with the external  fuel pump ?

I don’t see why I should not be able to use an external fuel pump …. But just asking since I am missing something.

 Thank you 


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There's no quick answer to your questions, but you should consider that pressure hose (& probably pump) designed for total immersion in fuel are different from external components.

Mounting a pump inside a tank will be tricky if the tank is not designed for it.

Power and fuel passthroughs across the tank floor need a fuel tight design.

Also the tanks you mentioned were made for a conventional frame, not a spine frame, so fit could be a challenge.

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