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Yes mate, bloody brilliant resource this place.....

Ha ha, I hear you about never completely trusting the front eh but do persist and get it sorted as it does make a BIG difference when you do!

Cheers Guzzler


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Appreciate your mentioning the 10mm fork rise. I have mine about 3, but hearing your 10, I plan to adjust.

I mentioned in another thread, my surprise at the V11 slow steering, as compared to my V7.

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‘’…..my surprise at the V11 slow steering, as compared to my V7.”

Lagrasta, I only used Michelin sport bike tires on my old silver V11. My understanding is that sport bike tires are more of a triangular profile than sport touring tires. Apparently this helps with turn in. Also I ran the ohlins rear shock, which raised the rear a bit. This should also help turn in. But these red frame bikes have pretty aggressive geometry from the factory. Be careful. I plan on trying 5mm first. There is something else I did to my silver bike that I am also doing to the black one, which is worth mentioning..…..it was a bit controversial back in 2006 or 2007, but it worked great and probably added some stability and slowed the turn in some….. I wonder if anyone here remembers……….


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G'day folk's

Just an update for anyone that's interested...

I managed to get out on the bike for a 160 or so kay ride and managed to test the suspension settings again.

I had moved the Comp back to 4 clicks in and Reb 6 x clicks in ( both from fully out or soft from previous settings of C + 2 /R +4 ) as felt the comp need a wee bit more.

They'll be staying put on these now as I love the way she handles and the feel from front end is bloody marvelous...

Love it

Cheers Guzzler    

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Nice to hear your updates and adjustments. I now have my fork in the riser at 15mm, much better turning. That may sound extreme, but I tested and tested, and it felt best. Come to find out, Todd over at GuzziTech advises this exact amount. I was merely basing my adjustments to the V7 steering, which is great.

Next is setting my sag, as I have the tank back off, allowing access to the shock adjustment. If you're curious of proper sag settings, search for my sag thread.

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G'day mate

Glad to hear you're getting it sorted...


15mm does sound a bit extreme but I believe some here have the Ohlins shock which is 8mm longer than standard AND have forks up in the triples  5-8mm...

So maybe not as extreme as we think??

I know when I was discussing raising mine by 10mm, Rob ( mechanic ) thought it was a bit much and thought try 5 so we settled on 8mm ha ha.

There are NO issues whatsoever with it and I'm pretty chuffed now!

The only thing I'd be tempted to try would be more sporting tyres just to feel the difference as have only ever run sport touring, but I can just hear the Minister now ...

Why do you need tyres at 7000 kays when the last ones went 15 ?


Ps (Angel GT2 at 11k now and looks like quite a bit left)

Pps still glowing from my wee ride yesterday ha ha gotta love these bloody things before they... COME TO TAKE ME AWAY Ha Ha


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